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University of The Gambia produces first ever made in The Gambia PhD

University of The Gambia made history today by producing its first ever PhD graduate in collaboration with University of Gaston Berger. The degree is in Mathematics bagged by John T. Mendy, a student of University of The Gambia. Speaking at the convocation ceremony, Vice Chancellor, Professor Anjum of university of The Gambia hailed the event as a historic mile stone for the Gambia, Africa and the world. 

“It is indeed a significant achievement for the Government and the people of The Gambia that our sons and daughters are winning laurels right here at home. Higher Education confers on its beneficiary the intellectual capacity, skills and knowledge that can lead to the overall development of the individual and by extension national socio-economic development. The role of tertiary education as the catalyst for development cannot be overemphasized when one looks at the prosperity enjoyed today by some small nations whose past economic history are not dissimilar to that of today’s Gambia.” 

Professor Anjum also hailed the strategic partnership University of The Gambia continues to enjoy from Gaston Berger University in Senegal which continues to educate and train graduate students for Gambia’s first ever university. “Gaston Berger University is one of our strategic partners in the sub region. In the last 5 years, University of The Gambia partnered with Gaston Berger University to run a Master of Science degree programme in Mathematical Modelling. Under that partnership arrangement, a dozen of students and staff of UTG obtained the Master of Science degree in Mathematical Modelling. This significantly boosted our stock of Mathematics lecturers who today constituted the nucleus of the Faculty in the Mathematics Department.”.

Professor Anjum also hailed first ever made in The Gambia PhD graduate while expressing optimism that more graduates would be rolled out once they defend their thesis by the end of the year. “It is also gratifying to note that one of the graduates of the MSc Modelling Programme, Mr. John T. Mendy, who had also enrolled in the ACE PhD programme, has performed creditably well by being the first in his group to successfully complete his PhD Programme in Mathematics. We are hopeful that the other UTG Math and Computer Science PhD candidates will defend their thesis in November/December this year.” Anjum concluded.

Also breaking the news on his Facebook, Professor Muhammadou Kah co-architect of the program and former Vice Chancellor of UTG rejoiced “Congratulations Dr John Mendy. This is a brilliant achievement for you, The UTG, UGB, our country The Gambia and Senegal! It is indeed historic! Our very 1st PhD! Today is a great day! I am proud of you and overwhelmed with joy.” Overjoyed Professor Kah also took time to thank all those who contributed towards the historic achievement registered by UTG in producing its first made in The Gambia PhD of which he has been the co-architect, designer, inspirer, co- implementer, reviewer and supporter when it all started over coffee in his living room with Mary Tew Niane, then UGB VC/Rector. “This feel so good! You’ve helped us achieve the vision that Hon Mary Tew Niane, then UGB VC/Rector and me architect over coffee in my living room! His support, commitment of Resources resulted in this great achievement and continues contribution to our Human Development. I also wish to congratulate our dearest faculty colleagues from UGB, current VC/Rector of UGB, my dearest brother and colleague Former Vice Chancellor/Rector of UGB and now Hon Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology -Hon.Prof. Mary Teuw Niane.”

Reacting to the historic feat by UTG, Balla Garba Jahumpa a former government minister commonly known as action man for his pragmatism also chipped in “Congratulations to Dr. John T Mendy and all those who supported him including our own Prof Kah. Well done Dr. Mendy.” 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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