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TRRC witness: Jammeh ordered killing of two Americans

By Sainey Darboe:

Former Gambian president,Yahya Jammeh, ordered the killing of two American citizens Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, the Gambia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission has heard.

Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe disappeared in 2003, now confirmed by Omar Jallow as being killed by the Junglers

A former member of Gambia National Army and a death squad called the Junglers, Omar Jallow, has admitted to his involvement in the execution of the duo in pursuit of Jammeh’s orders. The duo was killed in 2013 in the course of a trip to the West African country to which they trace their provenances.

Alhaji had two children and worked as an infrastructure systems analyst for Chevron and Texaco in Houston. His friend Ebou Jobe, a father of three, was an operations manager at Walmart. The US embassy at the time launched spirited efforts to establish the whereabouts of the duo without success.

Cindy Gregg, then Charge’d affairs at the US embassy said The Gambia government denied knowledge of the presence of the two Americans in their custody, while urging the public to come up with information about them.

Her successor, George Staples was more critical and asked for the Americans to be produced by authorities.

He said of the missing Americans at the time:

“My message is very simple: Where are my Americans? Where are they? As far as I can tell, as far as we know, they were picked up and then disappeared. We have asked the government for an investigation, we have offered assistance from US organizations like the FBI and we hope and are still hopeful of news and we are waiting. An my question is: Where are my Americans?”


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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