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Thousand trees planted as one man one tree operation began in Gunjur

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

The event dubbed “One Man One Tree” kicked off in Gunjur on Saturday 24th August organised by the Gunjur Youth Movement which saw a thousand trees in different species planted along the main highway in Gunjur.

Operation “Green Up Gunjur” attracted scores of environmental concerned groups and individuals across the country, members of the community of Gunjur, representatives of government and non governmental organisations, the MP for Kombo South, Alkali and councillor of Gunjur Ward were all in attendance.

The event saw the planting of orange trees, coconut trees, lollipop trees, flamboyant trees planted along the coastal road towards Kartong and Brikama.

The deputy British High Commissioner to The Gambia, Hon. Minister of Environment Lamin Dibba,  Representative of the minister of Trade and Youth Employment Lamin Jobe, Mrs Amie Bojang Sissoho Director of Press Office of the President, national women's council deputy director, representatives of national environment agency, Geology department, Gambia Tourism Board, Brikama Area Council all attended and planted trees.

Also in attendance were Dr Bakary Nyambi Touray, Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh, Ahmed Manjang, Barrister Lamin J Darbo, Momodou Sabally, Tijani Bojang among other dignitaries.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ahmed Manjang urged communities to take up the habit of planting trees staring from their own compounds and orchards with a view to protecting the environment and to help reverse the erratic rainfall patterns that Gambia has continued to experience in recent years. Mr Manjang attributed shortage and erratic nature of the rains to the wanton destruction of Forrest and our inability to replace the trees we continue to cut down.

On how his organisation will ensure that the planted trees are protected and taken cared of to realise their goal of keeping Gunjur green, Sulayman Bojang, the President of the Gunjur Youth Movement had this to say:

“Currently, the ground team are now laying some of the working plans towards these trees for their protection. We are fencing the trees with iron rods with binding wires to protect them from the animals. We will also embark on the application of manure on the trees to help with their growth, which will be complimented with the continuation of our Sunday watering events for the sustenance of the trees.

Mr Bojang concluded by thanking everyone who made the event a resounding success.

He added:

“From the leadership of the Gunjur Youth Movement, we take this opportunity to register our gratitude and appreciation to all and sundry, whose solidarity has renewed our faith in the crusade to fully liberate our nation and protect of future for generations unborn. The goodwill and support manifested today in Gunjur was a victory for Gambia and Humanity and it was indeed the start of a long journey. Special thanks goes to all our sponsors, institutions, individuals in diaspora and within the Gambia, our sister associations and the gallant volunteers from across the Gambia. We pray that the initiative shall continue to resonate well with other communities and sustainability becomes a success.  God bless you all.”


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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