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The Youths should focus on enhancing their potentials and Avoid Being Used as Political Proxies

By: Ansumana B. Bojang:

It has become a cliche to talk about the youthfulness of the population of the African Continent. It has become a cliche to talk about the essence or need of ensuring that the youths are well groomed to help secure a better Africa. There have been various initiatives that have been implemented at the global, continental and National levels to enhance the potentials of young people.

Recently, one of the biggest challenges we face as country (Gambia) is the issue of political infiltration into all forms of youth-led or youth-based initiatives. We are in times where some young people are not able to pursue what is right and genuine geared towards national, continental and global development. If we should still go ahead in impeding on the ability of the youths to think on their own and take actions to the benefit of the country, devoid of any political influence then our country will be heading towards its own destruction.

This is a clarion call to the Gambian Youth, that we are stronger in numbers, we are capable of doing whatever we want to do if we commit ourselves to continual learning and seek for advise from those of us (not to be controlled by those ahead of us). We can truly live up to expectations if we do not sell our conscience and integrity all in the name of political favors or whatsoever.

We are Powerful; We are the Present and Future of the Gambia;and We cannot Fail generations after us.

Let's RISE!

By: Ansumana B. Bojang

MPA University of Ghana,Lagon.

Bsc Management, university of the Gambia.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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