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  • Dr. Binneh Minteh Former Lieutenant, GAF

The Tale of Former AG & Justice Minister Mama F. Singhateh: Lies, Arrogance, and Malicious Intellect

OPINION: The Tale of Former Attorney General and Justice Minister Mama Fatima Singhateh: Lies, Arrogance, and Malicious Intellect.

" O Voltaire! O humanity! O idiocy! Their is something ticklish in "the Truth" and in the search for the Truth;. and if man goes about it too humanely - I wager he finds nothing"

Where was the bravado in the vile and fearlesss Prosecutor/ State Counsel/ Attorney General and Justice Minister, Mama Fatim Singhateh? Why has she not taken responsibility for her role in entrenching autocracy.?

Former Attorney General and Justice Minister, Mama Fatim Singhateh was a Coward afraid of telling the Truth. In the world of Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar, " Cowards die twice before their actual death"

Cowards and Cowardice is becoming a Cancer in our Public spaces. One would think that those who muster the courage to promote evil will have that bravado to Own up to their Evil Actions. But the Coward blames others and finds excuses to absolve oneself from responsibility. Some create an atmosphere of invincibility through self- aggrandizement embroiled in Pride, Arrogance, and a show of fake and dishonest intellect with the goal of ridiculing institutions holding them accountable. In the testimony hearing of Mama Fatim Singhateh, she was stupid enough to ridicule herself before the world. Thanks to the brilliance of the TRRC counsel for sticking it to her that she violated the constitution and subverted laws, which is criminal in international jurisprudence.

What happened at the Mama Fatima Singhateh TRRC hearing was a vivid showcasing of a Coward and her Cowardice Behavior. Instead of humbling up to own her Malicious role in putting innocent citizens in life and death situations, Mama Singhateh was angry and had a problem with the value of truth. Her will to tell the truth was deceptive, selfish, a "turmoil of delusion" and false intellectual reasoning in disrespect for the nation and victims of rights abuses committed by a government that she served.

When her false interpretations of the law ( her only intellectual prowess) was debunked by the counsel, one could see how that got into her skin as she got defensive and attempted to lecture the commission. As Fredrick Wilhelm Nietzsche (1886) once noted " it was perhaps just the refinement of her intellectual conscience that makes her hesitate and linger on the way, she dreads the temptation to become a dilettante, a millepede, a milleantenna, she knows too well that as a discerner, one who has lost self- respect, no longer commands, no longer leads, unless she becomes a great play-actor, a philosophical Cagliostro and a spiritual rat-catcher- in short a misleader". In very simple terms she was a fool on stage entertaining our interconnected world.

Mama Fatim Singhateh was nothing at the TRCC but a malicious intellectual best described in the " Epicurean Joke of Plato and Platonic's as " Flatterer of Dionysius, meaning a tyrant's accessory and a lick spittles" ( Nietzsche, 1886). By arguing that she has not violated International human rights laws, Mama Singhateh Lied to her Teeth.

Perhaps the disgrace Former Attorney General needs more schooling on procedure and the criminology of International Jurisprudence. Mama Fatim Singhateh bears both individual and collective responsibility in egregious violations of human rights that took place during periods of her Tenure as Attorney General and Minister of Justice. Evidently her decisions, actions and inactions put innocent citizens in life and death situations, including illegal detentions, torture and murder.

To sum up the tale of Mama Fatim Singhateh, the wise man in Nietzsche (1886) would conclude that Minister Singhateh "recognized untruth as a condition of life: that was certainly to "impugn the traditional ideas of value in a dangerous manner,," and "venturing to do so has thereby alone place her beyond good and evil".Her tale is one of lies, arrogance and malicious intellect.

Former Gambian Attorney General and Minister of Justice Mama Fatima Singateh

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