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Sabally threatens to reveal ‘shady deals’ of pro-gov’t tycoon, as court battle looms

Amid threats of a law suit against Momodou Sabally by pro-government business tycoon Abubakar Jawara, the former civil service boss has vowed to bring to light ‘shady deals’ which will cause humiliation to his adversary in court.

Reacting to breaking news on his legal exposure for comments linking the business man to drugs and guns, Momodou Sabally defiantly said:

“For the record, Abubacarr Jawara has been involved in some of the most shady deals that the Barrow administration ran in this so called New Gambia.

Let Jawara go to court over this and he will face the biggest humiliation ever in his shady life.This man should actually start thinking of how to refund Gambians all the shady money he made from those dirty deals like black sand mining before he thinks of crying foul”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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