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Red Star Company Gives Tech Assistance To Gunjur Conservation And Ecotourism Association

Red Star company, a Gunjur based Environmental cleaning company engaged in providing a range of services including but not limited to cutting hedges, pruning, landscaping, renting out construction materials, tents, events lamps and chairs recently donated brand new laptops to CETAG.

Bai Jabang, the President of CETAG handing over the laptop to the Secretary General of the organization; Mr Boto Bojang

Red Star Company also donated a cash amount to Gunjur Conservationist group during one of their turtle hatchling releases. One of the biggest weakness community based organisations in Gunjur implored is keeping secured and accurate data.

“The donation is timely and will go a long way to help CETAG keep records of their activities,” Omar Njie of Red Star said .

The chairman of CETAG; Mr Bai Jaabang expressed delight and thanked Yankuba Darboe, the CEO of Red Star Family company for this laudable gesture. According to Mr Jaabang, the laptop will help facilitate the work of CETAG and will immensely help them in keeping accurate and secure data of their activities.

Mr Ahmed Manjang the coordinator of the organisation while thanking Mr Yankuba Darboe and Red Star company call on similar organisations to support local environmental and conservationist groups so that they can continue to do their work smoothly.

Boto Bojang, the secretary general of CETAG thanked Mr Yankuba Darboe for the gift and gave assurance that the laptop will be well taken care of and will be used for the purpose it is intended.

He added: “The entire CETAG membership are sending their profound gratitude and prayers to Yankuba Darboe and the Red Star Family company for this generous donation and are also looking forward to a long term collaboration with the Red Star Family”.

GUNJUR CONSERVATIONIST AND ECOTOURISM ASSOCIATION (CETAG) is a newly formed community based organisation that aims o bring all local environmental and conservationist groups in Gunjur under one umbrella. We strongly believe this is the way forward and will help streamline the activities of environmental and conservationist groups.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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