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By Yero S. Bah:


I hereby register my total disagreement with the European Union Homosexuality campaign in the Gambia with their unfortunate and disgraceful campaign #BreakTheSilence.

It really baffles me to learn that such illicit campaigns have begun in a country where majority of the citizens do not buy such inhumane and stupid values but yet still a group from the minority wish to enforce or impose such degrading lifestyles and even none animalistic behaviors in a civilized society like that of the Gambia, a nation where over 90% of the people are great believers in Islam and Christianity or African paganism.

Homosexuality is against the order of nature. It is retrogressive and one of the highest form of deceptions and stupidity. I cannot comprehend the concept that is behind homosexuality or lesbianism simply because the natural order is that marriage is ordained between a man and woman.

I just have some few questions for the EU Ambassador in the Gambia Atila Lajos and his Godfathers in Brussels.

Firstly, does the EU believe in democracy and all the great values that democracy stood for? I raised this question because democracy operates on the dictates of the majority and this is one of the primary reasons why national decisions are made through elections or some form of voting even though the participation of the minorities are also taken into consideration.

However, these decisions might not satisfy everyone along the process but in democracy the views and decisions of the majority overrule the wishes of the minority. This is the nature of democracy even in Europe and the entire West. Let me put it straight to Mr. Ambassador Lajos that, majority of Gambians do not belief in homosexuality and lesbianism. Gambians and majority of Africans believe that, the concept is “barbaric” and calls for the extinction of the human race.

Now, why is the EU becoming a dictator in the case of the Gambia in particular and Africa in general on homosexuality and lesbianism?

Will you become a dictator; leave the principles of democracy to impose homosexuality and lesbianism in the Gambia, a nation where majority of her citizens do not share the same or similar thoughts with you on something as disgraceful as homosexuality and lesbianism? Mr. Ambassador Lajos and your Godfathers in Brussels, do you want to become dictators in the Gambia instead of democrats as you always advocated around the world because dictatorship is nothing but imposing something on people whereby majority do not want it or believe in it. That is the “textbook” definition of dictatorship.

Secondly, in such unions, who is the husband or wife between two married women or men?

Moreover, how will they have a child which is one of the primary purposes of most unions between men and women? Don’t tell me that, they can adopt kids because those kids were first and foremost born by a woman and man something that I understand that homosexuals detest severely.

Is homosexuality not a potential means to the extinction of the human race since both couples cannot bear children? We have been able to witness the year 2020 simply because procreation is taking place right from Adam to our current generation which happens as a result of the unions between men and women.

How can you justify that polygamy is “barbaric but homosexuality” is pure and ordained by the Holy Lord? I can’t get these illicit and rotten thoughts from your so-called advanced and civilized societies in the West around my head. But I am actually not surprised by your campaigns since in your countries and societies; people can be married of to animals such as dogs, cats and even toys due to their complete insanity and ignorance of the laws of nature.

In addition, it is really ironical that, Mr. Ambassador Lajos and his Godfathers in Brussels are portraying themselves as democrats around the globe but becoming dictators in the Gambia as they wish to forcefully impose the biggest and nastiest immoralities of human civilizations “Homosexuality and Lesbianism” in a country that majority of the citizens do not believe in the “deceptive and rotten” concept.

From what I knew about the European Union is that they pretend to be democrats by all indications and democracy is run by decisions made by the majority. So, why is the European Union becoming a pain in the neck in the Gambia by imposing values that are valueless and empty?

Look! Mr. Ambassador, it would have been honestly great to launch such campaigns if we had similar beliefs or views on this rotten notion of homosexuality or lesbianism but unfortunately majority of us Gambians don’t really fall for your bad behaviors.

We will not stop you from practicing it in your countries but please leave us alone with our decency in our backyard too. Don’t impose it on us..lest you become another irritating dictators too. The Gambia has other very important issues to tackle such as standard infrastructures, quality education systems, standard health systems, perfect energy, poverty eradication, and promotion of ecotourism, vibrant agriculture, strong democratic institutions and many other national and local challenges different from homosexuality or lesbianism.

Look! I am a democrat but I only believe in and promote principles that do not undo the laws of nature. Besides, if you feel I don’t have a right to decide for you, why you do think you have the right to decide for me? Are you all right?

In democracy, the rights of the minorities are consulted by taking part in the processes of decision-making but decisions are actually made by the majorities through some systems of voting or elections. Therefore, let the Gambians take those decisions by themselves as your highly advocated democratic principles dictates.

However, to get rid of all of these (#Yabaatehs) as Momodou Sabally puts it. Gambians must be ready to work in unison with a single purpose of making the Gambia economically and politically independent from the clutches of foreign donors as I see them so-called development partners who are always eyeing for our downfalls.

Otherwise, the consequences of not doing the above would mean the one who gives you breakfast, lunch and dinner will dictate you on what to believe or do or not. This is our stage and partnership with the West.

However, I always feel disturbed whenever I see corruption scandals upon corruption scandals that could have been investigated and committers brought to book but they go scot-free whilst endemic poverty, deprivation and destitution continues to be deep-rooted in our country and continent after all the billions of dollars manipulated in this country for no genuine reasons stemming from hatred for country and disloyalty to citizens.

With such bad behaviors from us, we will forever remain beggars before the Europeans and Westerners.

#From a Concerned Citizen

Yero S. Bah is a Gambian journalist

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