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Profile: Meet Lamin Saho, C4RC project lead

Lamin Saho runs a grant funded project called C4RC that works with international partners to secure populations and inhabitants through the Red Colonous Action Plan (ReCAP). The Temminck’s Red Colobus (Piliocolobus b. temminckii) populations and their habitats are fragmented, isolated and decreasing in line with all wildlife populations globally.

The C4RC team is a grant funded project which aims to secure populations and their habitats by working with national and international partners to implement the Red Colobus Action Plan (ReCAP).

Our team of rangers are tasked with securing the largest known population of endangered red colobus monkeys, by building local capacity for primate conservation and developing community livelihood initiatives to reduce the dependency on logging for charcoal production.

Our rangers also contribute to education and awareness programmes, primate surveys, forest patrols, the development of red colobus eco tourism and the propagation of native and non/native trees.

• To grow networks and capacity for red colobus conservation across sites in West Africa as a priority of the Red Colobus Action Plan (ReCAP)

• Knowledge exchange: share best practice, skills, research outputs and lessons learned.


• Visit protected areas to experience approaches to primate survey methods, forest management/protection.

• Visit Malabo market and speak to key individuals to understand current threats to red colobus and the research/community engagement initiatives used by BBPP to monitor and reduce the bush meat trade.

• Explore BBPP approaches to community education/awareness around biodiversity and primate conservation.

• Present the aims and outputs of the C4RC project to BBPP staff and national partners.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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