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Prince Ebrahim Reacts to Chinese Maltreatment of Africans Living in China

I strongly condemn the dehumanization, and indiscriminate racism against our Africans brothers and sisters currently in China. Confirmed reports emerging out of Chinese cities evidencing chinese authorities surgical targeting and or treating Africans on #covid 19, is very heart breaking indeed. Thus, actions of Chinese against our brothers & sisters are totally unacceptable and tantamounts to gross inhumanity.

Lest, we remind China, of the millions of her Citizens who are currently living and working throughout the lengthand breath of Africa, without fear; chinese citizens in Africa are being exceptionally welcome with an unparallel African hospitality. Why cant China reciprocate same hospitality to Africans, living in China?

Lest we remind China, of the USD$Billions of China’s annual importation of African raw materials and resources (in many cases being ethically questionable), out of Africa. It is a fact that, the trajectory of China's test for African resources will remain a upward trend.

Truth of the matter remains, China needs to extend utmost dignity and respect to the lives and livelihoods of Africans. Whats good for the goose, good for the gander.I add my voice to the grievance of all well meaning People, in condemning these unacceptable discrimination; and strongly protesting the ongoing forceful testing, quarantine and maltreatment of African nationals in China

It is worrisome that, observations with consternations on discrimination and stigmatization of Africans being forcefully, (in many case in a very cruel manner) undergo mandatory epidemic investigation and Nucleic Acid Test, (14) days quarantine even if they had not travelled outside their jurisdictions, neither come into contact with infected persons, nor any close contact and or showing any symptoms of the COVID-19.

China-Africa Relations should be mutual, and not a one way affair. Where African political class fails to address China's unacceptable behaviours, where the political class continue to be muted towards the plight of Africans; its sacrosanct on us, the traditional class to do so. By God, I will continue to speak against the exploitation of our brothers and sisters.

Regrettably, disquieting reports of inhuman treatments meted out to Africans... to enumerate just but a few:

1) African nationals ejected including from their hotels in the middle of the night only because they are Africans;

2( Forced evictions of Africans from their various apartments and thrown into the streets even those with infant children.

3) Selective testing of African students while their non African colleagues are left out etc etc

Our African people deserve better. I expect State of China, to act swiftly, and protect all Africans, against this unwarranted discrimination and blatant racism against Africans in China, during this exceptional times of corona threatening era in human history

God save us all. God save Africa

Prince Ebrahim Sanyang


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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