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Preview: Dialogue with The Youth Show with Ebrima Scattred Janneh (EB)

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Special Interview on Current Affairs in The Gambia, with Mustapha Swandi K. Darboe and Sulayman Ben Suwareh

It is hard to cut through and make people care about things, but, that’s what Mustapha Swandi K Darboe does.

Mustapha is a budding genius in investigative journalism in The Gambia with stamina, forensic attention to detail, coupled with unlimited boldness and self-discipline per excellence.

The Gambia, under President Barrow, climbed new heights in breath-taking levels of corruption which does not spare even the journalists. It is not uncommon in The Gambia that some journalist join with political party loyalists to build-up the image of the president as a new Moses who would lead his people towards the cherished land of development even under untold corruption, dazzling leadership failures and poverty.

Therefore, unmasking corruption and corrupt officials can be a lonely, daunting, risky, difficult, sometimes results in legal threats, personal abuse and even death.

Nevertheless, Mustapha SK Darboe have shamed the powerful into change, or at least into thinking about the reputational risk attached to corruption in The Gambia and he is making tangible differences.

In a normal situation, journalists are the last defence that the public has when those other institutions - parliament, government or the criminal justice system have failed somehow.

It is important that the media exposes corruption and hold those in positions of power to account. This is especially important when the police or others who are supposed to investigate misconduct fail to do so.

Up against the whole rotten system and their loyalists, composed of battalion of well paid lawyers, Mustapha is holding our institutions to account and in the process, changing the country by making the people care.

His stamina, forensic attention to detail in the face of many obstacles, plus hours and hours of mind- numbing home work to come up with excellent but disturbing pieces of investigative reports should be celebrated at least.

One must live and breathe the topic under investigation. It has to be so, or you are not going to get very far. It is a really difficult skill set. Because one mistake that’s wrong can really put you in trouble and/or undermines your story.

We salute Mustapha’s chutzpah to unearth corruption and misconduct in The Gambia in very difficult situations. His willingness to commit his young being to set values; not only advocate for them but fight against them, is a worthy cause to emulate. Considering, especially that the people whose corruption he is exposing are well influential and resourced adversaries.

Gunjur News Online TV “GoTV” is honoured to host Mr Mustapha Swandi K Darboe on our flagship show Dialogue With The Youth Show on Saturday 24th September 2022 at 7:00pm UK, 6:00pm The Gambia.

Also appearing alongside Mustapha K Darboe, is the indefatigable Mr Sulayman Ben Suwareh who will join the panel in discussing the Airport Security Scandal, African Elites manipulating their tribesmen, corruption, Security and the toxic leadership failures across the board in The Gambia, that is eating away at the foundations of our country.

Please do join us and do not miss out.

Thank you

Ebrima Scattred Janneh(EB)


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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