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Poem: Ouch! That night was cruel

Ouch! That night was cruel


It all began as a near improbable journey

In the quest

To down the yokes of tyranny

After 22 years of iron fist rule

In truth, they knew not that it could come this soon

But lo and behold

It came at a price

A price they started to pay on that fateful night

December 2nd to be precise

What started with a glimmer of hope in the evening

Would Snowball later into a mini depression during the night

Even before the IEC collated the ballots

Spot Counting gave us all an idea of where victory was heading

As daylight gave way to darkness

All-agog, my people, danced and chanted

Brimming with joy

That the unthinkable was inching closer

Moments after taking supper

We all gathered around the radio

To hear the results trickle in

While we whispered in hope

Disappointingly, the 'attaya' instantly tasted sour

When all of a sudden the radio went into coma

As results announcers got swapped in the airwaves by religious hymns

"What could be going on?"

We asked ourselves

By which time despondency began to fill the air

Such was the night of pain

That sleep became grief

"They are changing the results in their favour" groaned one bloke

After so many painful hours playing the waiting game

The results did finally come albeit belatedly the following day

Some in Jarra going without breakfast

As the journey to victory became journey into the unknown

Having undergone another excruciating hours of wait and listen

Word came that the then incumbent Jammeh had conceaded defeat

Paving the way for the grand umpire to blow the final whistle on a race Babili was left behind

That previous single night of anguish

On the whole was merely serving as a Precusor to even more gruesome nights

When the loser who could do no wrong Stunned us all by 'annuling' the outcome of people power

In a a yo-yo manner

The ensuing weeks panned out

Like a spellbinding movie thriller

Until the villain-in-chief eventually

Packed bag and baggage

Leaving behind the comfy of a presidential palace

Whose walls he may never see again


Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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