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Opinion: Politics of Deception Must End!

For the past 50 years plus, since the era of President Jawara to President Jammeh and now to that of President Barrow, the people of BRUFUT have been neglected. We have been failed and least considered in terms of Development.

The Community have been crying to have good road networks but to no avail. We suffered and continue to suffer during the rainy seasons as commercial drivers refuse to use our roads to facilitate the movement of people due to the bad shape of the roads. This has affected the people a lot especially in terms of our socioeconomic statuses. Petty traders, market vendors to name a few, are challenged in terms of transporting their goods to markets in and out of BRUFUT.

Apparently, this gets one thinking whether or not Brufut is part of The Gambia due to its inadequate infrastructural development. Let this be known to the government that we as a community lack good road infrastructure, Market, a standard Football Field to mention few. I therefore call on the government to consider the people of BRUFUT and let politics of deception end!

Given Brufut’s strategic location, inadequate infrastructural development in the form of roads, market, garage, football field etc. impedes the improvement of our livelihoods as these structures are pertinent to uplifting our living standards. Once these are available, our livelihoods will be enhanced through attracting investments in petty trade, self employment and sports which will eventually eradicate poverty.

In light of the above, I therefore call on government through the Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure and National Roads Authority to consider the people of BRUFUT in our quest for road construction.

Mustapha Jabbi,

A Concerned Citizen.


State House of The Gambia

Minister of Works and infrastructure Lamin Jobe

Ministry of Youth & Sports

Minister of Information Ebrima Sillah

Amie Amie Bojang-SissohoAmie Bojang-SissohoAmie Bojang-Sissoho Office of the President

National Road Authority

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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