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Opinion: It’s too soon to celebrate!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

It’s too soon to celebrate! | Basidia M Drammeh

It’s too soon for the Gambia to let its guards down, in the fight against COVID-19. The deadly virus cannot logically vanish in thin air overnight, just like that.

It’s veritably true that the pandemic has had a toll on the country’s fragile economy, notwithstanding economic considerations must not supersede public health for the latter is paramount and cannot be compromised.

Gambia’s airspace opens for regular entry as 2020/21 tourism season approaches

With the re-opening of land and air borders and the unofficial launch of political campaigns, Gambia is declaring victory over Covid-19. By relaxing all the COVID-19 related restrictions, the signal that is received from the authorities is that normalcy has been restored!

I still want to believe, though, that our country is not out of the woods as yet, considering the low rate of tests conducted by the health authorities compared to other countries. Meanwhile, some tourists will be jetting into the country from COVID-19 hot spots and could import the disease with ease. I am aware that the Government is requiring VVCR from all those coming into the country but in a country where corruption is endemic, it will be extremely hard to enforce such regulations.

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