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OPINION: GDC Leadership disappointed all patriotic Gambian

I want to unveil and register my soaring disappointment, dissatisfaction, and frustration to GDC under the watch of Mama Kandeh. I always recollect my encounter with Mama at Baobab and had a great respect for him.

The Gambia and her sons bled not only in lonely distance shores but on Gambian soil under the tyrant Government of Monster ๐Ÿ‘น Yaya Jammeh. He illegally uprooted the democratic elected and legitimate government of Baba Jawara and installed dictatorial government by depriving , violating peopleโ€™s rights on a daily bases, killing innocent citizens, milked and looted public funds, and banded all political parties. He imposed a crackdown on any form of peaceful protest and political opposition.

GDC and the leadership may have all right to form a coalition with any political party and any Gambian is entitled to freedom of association and free to affiliate to any political party. But this should not be an Avenue of instilling hate speech in the minds of The Gambian people.

It was appalling to hear the former President Tinpot insulting Mandinkas over a telephone at a rally organized by GDC.

GDC Leadership had failed in itโ€™s obligation to promote peace and social cohesion and if it was a mistake; they should come out and clear the air.

I canโ€™t believe the energetic young leaders of GDC condoning such a barbaric and archaic act under the banner of politics.

GDC should know that politics is about ideas and policies not tribes.

Leaves Mandinkos. We are all Gambians and no one is more Gambian than anyone. All Non-Gambians that abide by the law must be protected by the government.

Lastly, President Barrow should rise up to the occasion and address to halt this political animalism but sadly he even took a side with a fraction of the same tinpotโ€™s party (APRC) In his irresponsible way of handling him wasnโ€™t about being silent but he took a bold step to visit the family of Yaya Jammeh. All we heard was national reconciliation. Where do you hear reconciliation before justice. Let him visit the victims, patients at hospitals, poor small holder farmer at Sare Jiddeh and Pakaliba to name a few.

We need leaders that will promote peace and advocate for justice and tranquility.

Tribalism is not the solution.

Gambians are all one people.

Barrow and Kandeh what is more special about APRC


@gambia victim Centre


@janneh commission

@UK in The Gambia

@American Embassy Banjul


Mustapha Dumbuya

Mandela Jr.


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