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Op-ed: Poor Institutions in The Gambia (The State is not Fair to her citizens)

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Strong and formidable institution are crucial, critical, to any development in a country. Therefore, institution shouldn't be established only: but must function effectively. Institutions need to implement their policies and programs.

I'm worried that the health sector of our motherland is delicate and shrinking in service delivery particularly the FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY AUTHORITY OF THE GAMBIA and Ministry of Health The Gambia . Sometimes you wonder if they care our existence as citizens (taxpayers).

Health being the most important sector of development is not prioritized. No one cares if the fish, chicken, bread , and the environment this products are processed, transported, and sold are clean. In fact, no one is interested if this people (sellers) are mentally and medically fit (up-to-date). Any tom, dick and Harry from anywhere and nowhere will come to The Gambia and sell bread without any standard, processes and procedures. About 70% of our population depend on bread as their staple food. How can this sector be this much neglected?

This sector needs to be regulated.

It beats my imagination to see canteens mounted and selling fried chickens at the entrance of Gambia Transport Service Company Limited (Brikama). That place us reeking and stinky. A deplorable place of that kind - from time antiquity----no one would imagine that .

Everywhere is a canteen in Brikama market - not even fire service can access some points during inferno. The roads and roadsides were all annexed to shops. How can a country develop in that kind of leadership? Roads are all accommodating stagnant water. Taxpayers vehicles are having a perennial problems and complications.

Are we cursed?

Brikama Area Council -BAC". Chairman Brikama AREA Council

Security is very important and it is held at the climactic of any development priority. However, this is an ambiguity in motherland.

Security is not about mounting vehicle checking points (VCPs) and harassing citizens and every commuter. You wonder, instead of the police secretly and intelligently chasing offenders, detecting crimes, fast tracking due diligence. They're more involved in frustrating businesses along the ways. There is no sign boards to show drivers especially new drivers where school is located, where there os no parking, no stopping. Drivers are at the mercy of officers. They're happy at wasting your time and will tell you that is your time.

Where are we heading to? Instead of uniform operatives exercise patient and much needed discipline, all what we see is uniform operatives operating taxis without licences and their private cars tinted.

In the same vein, the disorganization and callousness of drivers are on increase. They'll use the foot path purposely meant for pedestrian to drive and overtaking in the reverse (undertaking). Accident is on increase. Drivers must be put to sanity.

Drivers must start adopting and learning patience. Drivers must apply patience.

What is the use of Gambia Transport UNION ? This institution should help the state to regularize the status quo. They should ensure that all drivers using designated garage are licensed. The garage should be secured and not a ground to abuse women. Transport Union should sensitize the general public on transport and hospitality. Lets Wake up my people.

Pathetically, passengers will always stop vans at no parking zones. This is absolute paranoid.

They'll join the van only to pull D200 note. Where will a driver issue change for 2-5 that gave this amount? People must be prudent.

Courts must expedite cases. Justice delayed is justice denied. The very reason bribery and corruption consuming public servants.

Mustapha Dumbuya, Alias Mandela Jr.

UTG Student

Development Studies Major

Environmental Science Minor

CC: State House of The Gambia

Poliso Magazine

Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

Mustapha Dumbuya

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