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Local Councillor calls for investigation of the anti-crime boss

Tuesday 28 July | Alkai Cham

Alieu K Darboe, Ward Councillor for Kembujeh and a concerned citizen has urged the authorities to formulate an independent investigation panel to probe allegations made against the anti-crime boss, Commissioner Gorgi Mboob.

Police Commissioner Gorgi Mboob is accused of corruption and brutality

In an open letter addressed to the IGP of Police, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and Ministry of Interior, the councillor strongly advocatea for the the need to conduct this investigation in the interest of justice.

According to the social justice advocate, Alieu K Darboe , Gorgi Mboob has been adversely mentioned at the TRRC in connection with the brutal student demonstration, recently revealation of money issue with one Lamin Kinteh  and the torture of Ebriama Sanneh respectively. He added that Gambians fought hard to gain the new democratic dispensation, therefore, an anti-crime boss should not be involved into such inhumane and tricky acts.

Honourable Alieu K Darboe urged the authorities concerned to do everything within their powers to act by investigating these allegations made against the anti-crime boss in the interest of rule of law and justice in the country.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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