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Gunjur: Ward councillor Gibba writes to new WCR Governor


The Governor

West Coast Region


1st June 2020

Dear sir,

First and foremost, I wish to convey my sincere greetings to you on your appointment as Governor of west oast region. I hereby join my colleagues to welcome you back to the west coast region as Governor for the second time. However, it is my belief that you must have gathered a great deal of experience, and that you are well equipped with knowledge to steer the affairs of this great region. In this regard, I wish you a successful tenure of office, and I pray to the Almighty Allah to give you the strength and wisdom to govern West Coast Region.

Hon. Governor, I strongly believe that you know the problems of west coast region more than any other Governor including you predecessors. The problems of west coast region are many but Land Disputes are the most dangerous, critical and complex issues in your region. On that note, please allow me to remind you the tragedy that befell Faraba village , Farato village and Gunjur just to name a few. Similar situation or conflict is looming around Jambur, Sukuta Salagi and Farato again. Hon. Governor , this is indicating that the whole of kombo is sitting on a time bomb. This is no joke and must not be downplayed or underestimated. Therefore. I hereby appeal to you and your Land Commission to take full responsibility . The Land Commission is under the purview of your office, and your office shall be held responsible for any further loss of life or conflict. Our people obeyed the laws, went to the Courts and won their cases, yet justice could not be delivered . WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ? Hon. Governor, it is very sad and disappointing that we could not yet see the work of your Land Commission since they were formed. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ? WHAT IS THEIR TOR ? and WHAT POWERS DO THEY HAVE ? It is high time this matter is taken up with utmost seriousness. Land Disputes are almost everehere in our region. The local courts as well as the magistrate courts are congested with cases of land Disputes. The central government should seriously look into this matter and address the issues as quickly as possible. Justice delayed is justice denied, and that's always a recipe for taking the laws into your own hands. Hon Governor, i hope that this letter will serve as a Think Tank for you and your Land Commission. I thank you for your attention.

In the service of our people.

I remain

Sincerely yours

Hon. Momodou charreh Gibba

Councillor Gunjur Ward

Hon. Momodou charreh Gibba Councillor Gunjur Ward


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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