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Gunjur Should Stand up to Berrending's Violence

By Ebrima Janneh (EB):

The rampaging, remorseless and opportunistic youths from Berending are up once again pouncing, seizing, attacking people and destroying lands belonging to the people of Gunjur. These acts of brazen belligerence and criminality with monolithic backings from their elders must be stopped. 

Festering Gunjur/Berending land dispute is a concern

One will think that after the callous murder of Buba Jammeh by one Buba Drammeh of Berrending during a land dispute between them on March 16th 2019, will mark the end of violence against Gunjur. But, no. The killing of Buba Jammeh fuelled the fire of ingrained violence in these pugnacious gangs of Berrending to intensify their attacks on Gunjurians and their properties. 

Of recent, Seedou Touray,  Amadou Bojang and Abdou Touray, all Gunjurians,  were assaulted by the gang with cutlasses and knives threatening to kill them. 

The property of one Yusupha Saho was invaded, trees and plants were slashed down. A policeman trying to arrest the attacker/s of Amadou and Abdou was severely wounded. These attacks indicate that the violence against Gunjurians are escalating and getting out of hand. 

Alas, even though the dreadful death of Buba Jammeh must be lived. Gunjur should, nevertheless, cringe in fear in the face of unprovoked violence perpetrated against them by our noisy neighbours. 

My heart is touched by the remembrance of the callous killing of Buba Jammeh by a member of the same gangs perpetrating attacks on Gunjurians. Buba was a good man, honest, calm, serene, with disarming laughs, devoted father, with an insatiable appetite for education.

We used to call him 'Buba' Karl Marx when I was young, for he was bombastic - fond of using big words. But history will keep resounding and celebrating Buba Jammeh's name in great honour throughout Gunjur's history. 

The government of the Gambia in her perpetual reticence, is doing nothing visible to stop attacks perpetrated by Berrending against Gunjur. This oppressive silence of the government not equipped enough to meet the exaction of a responsible government is worryingly fraught with consequences. 

Despite the military buffer zone between the two communities with military deployment, the violence against Gunjur continues. Consequently, the citizens of Gunjur are thoroughly disillusioned with the government for doing nothing to stop these degrading violence against Gunjur.

Inebriated with cheap money from land grabbing, Berrending youths persist, attacking people from Gunjur to satisfy their insatiable appetite for cheap money from selling usurped lands. These titillating accounts touch on real concerns paralyzing the patience of Gunjurians. 

However, in the absence of leadership from our government, Gunjur cannot continuously lay prostrate at the feet of pugnacious youths of Berrending. If the government of the Gambia is not willing to address the procession of attacks on Gunjurians, we will sacrifice in solidarity our lives to defend ourselves and properties.

It pierce the fog of my daze state to see Berrending - our minute neighbour encroaching blatantly with uncontrolled violence, lands, belonging to the people of Gunjur without an eyebrow twitch from not only the government but Gunjur. 

Buoy by the inactivity, toothlessness and disunity of the people of Gunjur, these youths filled with hatred are ploughing arrogantly attacking the people of Gunjur and properties. What bewitched the sons and daughters of the legendary warrior Ebrahim Kombo Sillah Touray into unbecoming faint-heartedness? 

How long is Gunjur going to sit dormant and allow these threats, disrespect, violence and death to go on? These unscrupulous youths are opportunistic and criminals at best.

It must be emphasised that the attacks they perpetrated are not against only Darboe Kunda, Jammeh Kunda or Touray Kunda, but against Gunjur as a whole. I thus implore Gunjur to wake up from their newfangled cowardice and stand up to Berrending, sending strong message/s to caution them against further attacking Gunjur. 

Gunjur in the wake of losing her dignity should learn to speak with one voice when it matters most. Gunjur is haemorrhaging from different fronts - environmental degradation because of sand mining, Golden Lead Factory, overfishing, pollution, and endless land disputes. And yet still, we cannot still see the need for a united front to fight these multiple prong challenges.

I thus call on the Village Development, Committee to meet with the Chief, the Alkali, the Councillor, Nyansimbaa and the Council of Elders to discuss ways to vehemently warn Berending that Gunjur have been far too patient in the wake of persistent attacks and destruction of their properties. Therefore, We, will not again take any unprovoked violence from Berrending.

Author Ebrima Janneh(EB)

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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