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Gunjur protests, nudges government for action over murder of Buba Jammeh

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Youths in the sprawling coastal settlement of Gunjur today staged a peaceful protest in the form of a march past to show solidarity with the family of murdered Buba Jammeh and also demanded for justice over his murder.

Youths of Gunjur demands swift justice for the murdered Buba Jammeh

The “solidarity with Buba Jammeh” protest was in a peaceful procession that began at Gunjur Primary School through the market square ending at the residence of the Alikalo of Gunjur.

The event organised by the newly formed Gunjur Youth Association brought together hundreds of Gunjur youths under a single umbrella to demand justice for Buba Jammeh and sending a strong message to the central government to act in the interest of peace and security. After brief stops outside the compound of the slain Buba Jammeh and the central cemetery to offer prayers to the departed souls, the procession continued to the home of Alkali Alhagie Giki Darboe.

Addressing the gathering, the President of the Gunjur Youth Association, Lamin Jassey assured the family of Buba that the youths of Gunjur will to everything within their means to stand by and support them at every step of the way. Mr Jassey called on the government of The Gambia to leave no stone unturned to bring to justice, the alleged killer of Buba Jammeh who still remains at large.

His words:

“On the 19th of April 2019, the orchard of one of our brothers was vandalised. This latest act of aggression and barbarity added to the long list of similar incidents which have passed again, and again. This act of impunity is unacceptable and it has has to be stopped by the authorities or we will stop unprovoked attacks by any means necessary”

On the military personnel stationed in Gunjur, GYA president sent a clear message to Chief of Defence Staff Masanneh Kinteh, declaring: “ On behalf of my fellow Gunjur youths, I would like to put The Gambia security service on notice to find the perpetrator of this heinous crime against our community and bring the suspect to court as soon as possible. I would like to take this opportunity to remind The Gambia government of their responsibilities. This simmering land dispute between some wards in Gunjur and Berending has been ongoing since 1988, during this times, there has been numerous confrontations in which injuries were sustained and death could have occurred, Mr Jassey concluded.

Other speakers at the event include the Chairman of the Gunjur Village Development Committee (VDC) Tijani Bojang, Dembo Darboe, Musa Manjang who all echoed similar sentiments Expressed by the chairman of the youth association.

On his part, the Alkalo of Gunjur Alhagie Giki Darboe disclosed that when the Commision of the Faraba Bantang incident visited him, he appealed to them to help resolve the Gunjur/Berending land disputes before something fatal may happen like it did in Faraba. Alkali Darboe appealed to the government to act by ensuring that judgments passed by the courts to establish ownership of the disputed lands is enforced to prevent any further disputes which may result in far more consequences than the killing of Buba Jammeh.

The peaceful protest was attended by people from the University of The Gambia, Brikama and Mafugi Sonko to show solidarity with Buba Jammeh and his family.

It could be recalled that Buba Jammeh was shot and killed at his orchard by one Buba Drammeh on Saturday 16th March in a communal land dispute which saw scores of other people wounded. The suspect, Buba Drammeh remains at large despite a nationwide manhunt by The Gambia Police Force.


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