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Gambia’s anti-crime czar fingered for torture, bribery

By Sainey Darboe :

Head of The Gambia’s police anti-crime unit, Gorgi Mboob, has been fingered by protesters for participating in acts of torture and bribery.

Speaking to Fatu Network during violent protests against the death of a Sierra Leonean businessman who died shortly after being released from custody, a protester alleged:

“The anti-crime unit is populated by criminals who are in the habit of arresting people on false charges and asking for bribes to release them. I was arrested recently and Gorgi Mboob and his charges asked me to pay D25,000 to secure my release. I paid D7000 and I was released. They kept calling me to get the rest of the bribe and I refused”.

Another protester who spoke to Fatu Network said vendors at Serekunda market have been subject to persistent harassment and extortion by the police.

He said the death of the Sierra-Leonean businessman is not an isolated incident, as another victim had died of injuries a couple of days ago.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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