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Football: Where is our Super Changa Bass?

By Emil Gibba | Gunjur | 17 June 2024

Changa Bass, Alias Super Changa, is a sensational, super fast and powerful left and right winger who hails from the coastal community of Gunjur, probably, one of the best wingers ever produced by Gunjur. He now ply his trade as a player in Uruguay, South America since 2016. Sadly, no single media in the Gambia has ever reported on him since he left the shores of Gambia for Uruguay.

Changa Bass, Alias Super Changa in action in Uruguay

Before traveling to South America, Changa’s exceptionality as a player made wave across the country, especially in 2015, which made him earn the name “super Changa”; a name given to him by Original L, a sport Journalist from Gunjur Community Radio Janneh Koto, who fell in love with Changa’s playing style. What Changa has at his finger tips is the ability to carry out, with ease, successful dribbles, a thrilling speed with or without the ball and the physic for the game.

He enjoyed a decorated record in Gunjur before traveling, he had played in the school team of every school he had attended right from primary to high school.

He played for Santos FC of Gunjur in 2014 and won a trophy with them. His team from childhood was Pasamai FC of Gunjur and he won three trophies with them; one was the first ever trophy for Pasamai FC in the Gunjur Football Nawettan in 2015 when Changa and his compatriots like Jack and others led an unforgettable campaign from playing the elimination to winning and clinging the trophy, actually this was Super Changa’s best season. The other two trophies he won with Pasamai were in the Father Carol Memorial Trophy, in short, Mission.

Changa also played for the Gunjur zonal team entertaining the fans with his speed and strength on the ball, terrorising the defense of any team he faces. At this time Changa was in the lips of every football enthusiast in Gunjur cheering the coastal boys on their zonal campaign 2015. He also played for Gunjur United shortly before traveling to Uruguay to embrace another phase of his career.

In Uruguay, South America, he first played for Pernol FC; a 2nd Division Team, from 2016 to 2019 and his highest record was a quarter final stage with six (6) league goals and eleven (11) assists. He played 32 games out of a total of 35.

He then signed for Rentistas FC; a team playing in the 1st Division from 2020 to 2022 and his highest was winning a trophy with them. He then suffered a ligament injury that sidelined him for the whole of 2023 and part of 2024 seasons, but he will be back in action come this league’s season which kicked off on June 15th with his new 3rd division side Bellaitalia FC.

Sadly, since he landed in Uruguay, South America, no single local media reported on Changa, no national called up, no interest from European clubs.

Why the silence on our Super Changa? Where is super Changa?

Essa Suwerah from Gunjur, a keen follower of Changa back then, describes him as “electric, strong and pacy” and went on to add:

“Where and which level is he playing now?

I lost track of his football”

Yankuba Janneh from Gunjur eluded that “This man is prime Alexis Sanchez” while Alagie Sarr added: “My personal best player super”.

The most touching of all the comments about him was from Amadou Banda from Sifeo who said “He was magical, sensationally unstoppable. I watched him played in Sifoe. This guy was a beast with the ball”

With such a player destined for the top in the world of football what went wrong? Where is Original L’s Super Changa?


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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