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Commentary: The Common Ground

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

It is almost impossible for humans to unanimously come to terms. This is quite evident and manifested in our beliefs, culture, ethics, and above all different constitutions across the globe. Furthermore, disagreement and difference of opinion is even formalized in the civilized world we live in today.

Are you wondering as to what I meant to say? Go to a court of law and witness a prosecution proceeding. No matter what the accused committed, there would still be a prosecutor and a defence lawyer for them, each trying to prove their case. By the way, have you ever wondered why we always have members of parliament in their odd number?

However, despite the slim possibility of us coming to term as humans, I dare stand by my opinion and believe that there is always a common ground that we share. Be with me for a moment, I will prove my case.

‘All men are created equal’. I know you must have heard this statement time and time again. This is true, even though justice is barely served to this statement. Interestingly, even people of the past believed in this statement, both religious and non-religious people alike.

The second caliph of Islam is reported to have said that ‘all blood are equal’ when he arrived in Jerusalem. The thirteenth century Mandingo ruler Sundiata Keita had it in their constitution; and not talking about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. We all came to planet earth by birth and will leave through dead. That makes the journey from birth, on the earth and to the tomb. Therefore, there is no automatic prestige or disgrace in one’s background or genealogy. No race is superior to the other; so do away with the inferiority complex, man. But all souls are valued and equal. We are a subject of a unit creator. We are all under the umbrella of humanity.

Suffice that we all have red blood and white bone, isn’t this an indication of similarity? Well, we all need oxygen to survive and require food and water for sustenance. My dear, what more of evidence do you need to accept that you are the same with them? Therefore, we all need the fundamental necessities of life equally. So give everyone their due, and the world shall have peace. Remember, a minority in one geographical area is a majority in another geographical area. Therefore, for the interest of peace, do not torment a group just because they are a minority in your area.

My African brother, I can see how furious you are because a certain individual who thought they are of superior race insulted mother Africa, her sons and daughters. One only needs to be an African to feel the pain. The continent is usually portrayed as stricken with poverty, diseases, ignorance and all other ills that humanity doesn't desire.

I feel the pain like you do; hence we have a common goal to salvage and redeem our motherland. Africa is the land of resources, endowments and riches, but the irony is: it is still the most backward. We need to work for an Africa that our youths will no longer prefer death over staying in it. That’s our common unity, that's what we need to do despite our differences.

My compatriots, our common ground is the bus; because we are all on board. Who wouldn’t be happy if a bag of rice costs

only D300? If the country is transformed like Singapore, wouldn’t you be happy? These are not unattainable dreams. So the question is, who can drive the bus better? We need a fast drive to development and transformation like Gina Bass on track running for the finishing lane. We are set to tackle all the huddles that may be on our path to this.

Election is knocking and people are nodding because the politicians are convincing them. Their sugar-coated tongues and huge promises couldn’t let you have a second thought but to succumb. We have a choice to make as a people. It’s about grace, not race; it is about authenticity, not ethnicity. Give chance to competence over complexion.

With that, in no time we'll make a breakthrough. With unity and concerted efforts, we shall change doubters to believers. Our dear country must change for better. We are spirited and committed.

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