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Commentary: Road To December 4th Elections

Gambia has always been crying for meaningful developments that her citizens deserve in both private and public services since independence. Our people continue to live in abject poverty from lack of adequate clean water supply, erratic electricity supply to bad road networks and a high level of unemployment that pushes our youthful population to empty their parent’s coffers to embark on dangerous journeys to Europe and South America.

We have always been taken for a ride for far too long since independence. There is no excuse anymore, people shall no more be taken for granted, and of course won’t be fooled on empty promises during elections and no show post elections. The time is now to stand together as a country and take our politicians to task by scrutinizing their policies in key areas of domestic economy and international trade.

It is a welcome development and a breath of fresh air to see more capable Gambians showing interest to contest for the highest office of the land. The citizen participation especially the youths is further assurance that our country, will someday in a very near future, live to its potentials where the people live in dignity and prosperity in an environment that a kid from Gunjur and other parts of the country can dream big, knowing that they have the potential and the right tools to achieve those dreams.

I encourage all Gambians, especially the youths to continue being part of the political discourse to put our country on the path to compete in the 21st century where innovation, technology, exploration, and ingenuity are our bread and butter. Do not fall for political gimmicks, politicians will try to divide you to win votes, keep it clean and on issues. Character assassinations and petty politics will never develop our country; in fact, having different political ideologies is healthy for both democracy and development. It’s in the best interest of the communities to have divergent views on who should be entrusted to be given the mandate to govern. Therefore whoever wins, there are influencers from our communities in that system to bring about development in our communities and nation.

Presidential aspirants for December 4th Presidential Elections in The Gambia

Politics is about interest, politics is about ideas, and politics is about who can stand the heat to represent the lower end of our communities. It’s high time to elect leaders that will put mechanisms in place that trains our people in sciences, math, and technology to be innovative ready at a time when our country needs it most. We need more locally qualified trained populace with international perspective to be given the mantle to develop a small country that we dearly love.

In the spirit of nation building, we are launching a political show called “The Road To December 4th Elections”, on GunjurOnine TV to be focused on the Gambian politics. We will invite political and opinion leaders to speak directly to the voters about their plans. Our objective is to be a vehicle of relevant information for our followers to make an informed decision come December 4th!

To be a guest on this show, email us on or WhatApp on +447726 866912 to schedule a slot.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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