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Gambia inches closer to justice for victims of former president Jammeh

Victims of human rights abuses under quondam Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh, may have inched steps closer to a semblance of justice as Truth, Reparations and Reconciliation Commission (TRRC) holds meetings across the country to prepare people for the process. 

While making his periodic update on the progress being made, TRRC executive secretary Baba Jallow reported:

“Over the past week, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, UNICEF-Gambia, the National Youth Council, the Child Protection Alliance, and Peace Ambassadors, the TRRC Secretariat met with school principals across the country: NBR (Kerewan, 3rd July), LRR (Mansakonko, 4th July), CRR (Janjanbureh, 5th July), URR (Basse, 6th July), WCR (Brikama, 9th July) and KMC (Kanifing, 9th July). “The purpose of these meetings was to sensitize principals on the transitional justice process and the mandate of the TRRC, and to seek their support and collaboration in maximizing the work of the Children's Network on Transitional Justice and the active involvement and participation of all Gambian school children in our national conversation on how best to create a dictator-proof Gambia and promote access to justice, peace and reconciliation in The Gambia”. He added: “ Students from the Children's Network participated in all meetings with song and drama. We are deeply grateful to MoBSE, represented at the meetings by the tireless DPS Adama Jimba Jobe and the Regional Education Directorates for helping mobilize the principals and for staying with us from start to finish. Thanks too to the Ministry of Justice, the NYC, the CPA, Peace Ambassadors and UNICEF-Gambia for their unrelenting support and active participation in our national transitional justice process in general and the TRRC's outreach work in particular. “Meanwhile, the selection and nomination process for regional commissioners is currently ongoing and will be wrapping up this week. More on that and other developments on an upcoming TRRC update. God bless The Gambia”. 

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