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The ideals of COALITION 2016 must be adhered to by all Stakeholders

Welcome back from political wilderness, AKA political Opportunistic adventurous expedition........... 

Buba Mbaye Bojang faults Mai Ahmad Fatty I have no issue for Mai's revert to the ideals of the MOU, In fact that's a welcome development. What's of concern to me, is his stands on the same subject in the past? One may ask, what are the ideals enshrined in that famous Coalition MOU? Look no further than the election manifesto of the Coalition 2016 independent candidate Adama Barrow, for any answer. Everything captured in that manifesto has a correlation to the ideals and doctrines of the Coalition agreement. Yes i may agree, that in a time of despair, necessity takes more footings often than not. Therefore the need to come together was conceived and concealed on the basis that we all were vulnerable to the power be then. We all were disadvantaged if the status quo remains. That we all needs a fresh start to create that collective need of level playing field for a new dispensation. To this are some of the needed factors that gave birth to the Coalition 2016. Fast forward to 2018, so much has happened in between. Selfishness, greed, opportunism, mediocrity, corruption, insincerity and the list goes on. This are some of factors which were implore by our political creatures to further desecrate amd destroy the very tool that gets us the job done. Betrayals begins well before before the impasse was over, then again the new agenda of a coalition within a coalition was conceived and this giving birth to the so-called TACTICAL ALLIANCE. A teaming of like feathered politicians who won't mind trading their integrity for a political footing. This certainly wont last long as it is ploy concieved out of inconvinience rather than the need to be. Therefore it fails woefully. Now that the chickens has come home to roast. Same old voices are sprouting different tones as to their standings on all the coalition 2016 matters in a bid to redeeming themselves. Welcome back to the basics but the questions that still remains relevant and resonates with me are; Why reverting to basics now? Why the indifference then? When they were usurping and systematically killing the coalition spirit from within the set up. I still asked. Will Mai Ahmed Fatty took the same stand if he is still part of the petite bourgeoisie club? Many among our political elites are found inconsistent as to their stands on matters of grave concerns and interest to our political discourse recently and hence many lack core values and principles. This are dangerous straits as they embedded characters with questionable trust issues. Consistency defines ones character and adherence to core values and principles. If public officials has trust issues, mostly their judgements are clouded by those same skeletons in their cupboards. Anyway we welcome him back from his hallucinations and political wilderness my brother. Wassalam..... 

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