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Letter to the President - Omar Diamond Darboe

Mr President you cannot always keep on sending apologies to the victims about tragedies happening within the country because it is a sign of weakness. What happened in Faraba should not have happened had your government respected the opinions of the community. 

Omar Diamond Darboe on a protest march

There is a lot of disorganisation around you and anytime they occurred, most of people beside you distance themselves from it and many a times, they are the culprits. The culture of you being silent cannot be a continuous thing when the citizens are living in abject fear, total human rights violations, heath and environmental threats. 

Gambians have learned a lot from 22 years of dictatorship which will never be allowed to happen again because what is happening in today's Gambia was not the promise you made during the 2016 Presidential campaign. Knowing Yahya Jammeh's NIA could have killed us, we still were brave enough to use our resources and time because in you, we had seen hope and a better future devoid of dictatorship.

Mr. President, Remember that many Gambians sacrificed their lives during the 22 years of dictatorship. Today, those sacrifices appear to be in vain. We still long for the days when Gambians can speak without fear of persecution. Mr President, the people who terrorised, tortured and killed Gambians during the dictatorship are still in your government and they are putting all their energies in undermining your government instead of helping you rebuild a democratic and progressive Gambia. They are there for their own self-interest and are busy deepening their own pockets.

Finally Mr President, be bold enough to make good decisions for the best interest of the nation and do not hesitate to distance yourself from selfish politicians who are occupying the positions for their selfish gains. Omar Diamond Darboe, Human Rights Activist and a member of Coalition for Change Gambia (CCG) 


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