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Presidential Inquiry into the Faraba Incident Commissioned

President Adama Barrow has today commissioned a cross-sectional enquiry team to look into the Faraba incident where three people have been killed in a fracas between protesters and the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) The president promised a swift and thorough investigation into the circumstance of the incident that called into question who gave the authority to open fire on unarmed peaceful demonstrators. The full text of the communique is reproduced below: 

REPUBLIC OF THE GAMBIA Office of The President State House Banjul THE GAMBIA ______________________________________________

OP/291/249/01/PART IV (63- ABS) ​


A Presidential Inquiry into the Faraba Incident Commissioned


His Excellency, President Adama Barrow has commissioned with immediate effect a Presidential Inquiry to independently look into the circumstances that led to the death of civilians in Faraba Bantang. The membership consists of the following: 1. Emmanuel Joof, a renown human rights Lawyer as the Chairperson 2. A representative of the Ministry of Justice 3. A representative of the Gambia Bar Association 4. A representative of the Gambia Armed Forces

5. A representative of the of the State Intelligence Services

6. A Representative of Civil society from the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations - TANGO

Taking into account the need for a speedy dispensation of justice and accountability, the Committee starts work with immediate effect and has a duration of one month to submit a comprehensive report to His Excellency, the President of the Republic. The Inquiry has been mandated to: 1. Investigate the circumstances leading to the standoff between the villagers of Faraba Bantang and the Police Intervention Unit

2. Investigate the circumstances that led to the injuries and fatalities in Faraba Bantang and identify the those responsible for the deaths, including those who may have ordered the firings and those who fired the shots

3. Recommend measures to prevent a recurrence of the circumstances that led to the stand-off in Faraba Bantang 4. Recommend measures to prevent an occurrence of the incident in Faraba Bantang and other parts of the country Additionally, the President has given approval for the appointment of a Coroner to investigate the cause of the deaths as per the Coroners Act, Cap 7.04, Vol. 2 Laws of The Gambia. The Coroner will work with a pathologist to establish the facts before the corpses are released to their families.


Amie Bojang-Sissoho Director of Press & Public Relations Office of the President, State House, Banjul Tel: +220 9957592 Twitter: @BarrowPresident Twitter:@AmieBSissoho Facebook: Barrow PORG Website: 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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