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Outrage as new Golden Lead pipe exposes government corruption

Outrage as new Golden Lead pipe exposes government corruption

The latest move by Golden lead company to insert a new pipe into the sea in Gunjur for disposal of toxic waste has laid bare the collusion with government agencies and officials, according to a document obtained by this medium.

Golden Lead installing new waste pipeline into the sea raising the Chinese flag

Commenting on the new development, human rights activist and leader of Liberal Alliance opposition party, Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh lamented: “Sold out for generations. I'm out! The central government is directing this.It boils down to documenting what's going on now for future use. At least we'll know who to blame when the area is destroyed and our health is adversely affected. History will be the judge”. Also commenting, US-based Buba Darboe faulted the acquiescent attitude of the inhabitants of Gunjur for the destruction of their environment as well as corruption of local politicians and leaders. He charged: “The government has nothing much to do with this, it’s our own community in Gunjur empowering this company, from the Alkalo, Alhaji Conteh, the NAM, and the people backing them from Gunjur. Why do we always blame this on the government when our own villagers are fighting against us?Let’s call their names directly and stop putting the entire blame on the government”.

Letter of approval allegedly from National Environmental Agency (NEA)

Also weighing in on the issue, social justice activist and writer, Musa Bah stated: “A few months ago, many activists, including my humble self, wrote about the environmental damage being caused by the Chinese Company, Golden Lead, on the beaches of Gunjur and its surroundings. There was a lot of noise and government, through the NEA seemed to be doing something about it. Well, it seems they didn't do enough; or whatever they did has worn off as the Company has defiantly, as it were, flown the Chinese Flag on Gambian soil as seen on the picture below. This is an affront to our sovereignty and government must do something about it immediately”. He added: “True, we need investment but it should never be at the expense of compromising our territorial integrity. Most countries in the world jealously guard their territorial integrity and sovereignty. Why should we allow the Chinese or any other country to do things that suggests that they have control over our land or over us as Gambians.The government has to act swiftly to inform the Chinese to bring down their flag”.

An executive member of Gunjur Development Association(GDA), Mama Kaddy Bajo regretfully observed:

“The Chinese are getting more and more power in The Gambia. The Golden Lead Factory are proudly raising their flag, while connecting the new waste pipe into our ocean. My heart bleeds for The Gambia and Africa as whole. We never been independent, and will not be unless we are economically independent”.

Also weighing in on the latest act of defiance by Golden Lead company, a concerned Gunjurian had this to say:

“A brazen and an ostensible show of force by a single Chinese family bent on destroying our environment and livelihoods.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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