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SCAM WARNING: Young footballers in Gunjur targeted by scammers

By: Omar Jatta

Eight Young footballers from coastal settlement of Gunjur in The Gambia are being lured into the trap of some fraudsters disguising as football agents. The youngsters were sent some scam insurance letters promising them football trials in the United Kingdom. They were asked to pay money via Money gram to the supposed agents in Malaysia to cover for their insurance, which they say will be returned once the prodigies arrived at their trial destinations. In one such letter dated 22 November 2017, which was full of spelling errors and poor grammar sent to one of the victims of the scam, asked for a payment of $185.00 as insurance cover, which they say will be returned upon his arrival in 'Malaysia and United Kingdom'. The letter says the player is offered to play for Willishill Football Club in the UK, but this club doesn't exist in the UK and our Google search showed links to Malaysia but it's neither a club in Malaysia too. We understand the eight youngsters lured into this trap have all sent their passports to one Nancy Peterson, on this address in Malaysia F-2-50A PJU 10/10F, saugana, Demansara PJU 10 SG BULOH, 47830 petaling jaya, Malaysia. The scam was exposed by a concerned British national, Jenny Ringstead, who is currently resident in Gunjur with her family and have been for the past 12 years, where they work with a number of Sports and Youth Development Associations. Jenny said one of the young lads caught-up in the scam came to them with the letter for advice, and it was when they spotted something fishy was going on. She then decided to raise the flag by contacting the PRO of Gunjur Development Association (GDA), whom she asked to intervene and stop any further cooperation from those involved. However the intervention came a little too late for the boys, who had by then posted their passports, and were in the process of raising the money needed through family members. This was a terrible mistake from the youngsters and we understand it's all dawned on them now and are truly gutted about their passports, with heightened fears they may land into the wrong hands, and may even compromise their identities.

Scam letters to the young footballers

These sort of scams with links to the United Kingdom have been going on for a number of years now and at one point the English FA had sent out warnings to the members of the public about the fraudulent acts, which asked for people to report the matter to the police when they come across one. 

In this regard, we hereby call on all young footballers in Gunjur and The Gambia at large who have come into contact with these so-called agents or their intermediaries, to cut all contacts with them immediately. And please do not send your documents to anyone you don't know, no matter what they say to you. If a real club wants you they won't be sending you letters to send insurance monies or any sort. 

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