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Bombshell: Alkalo indicts VDC over financial scandal

Alikalo of Gunjur Giki Barboe

The Alkalo of Gunjur village, Alhagie Bagiki Darboe, has issued a scalding indictment of the Village Development Committee for involvement in misappropriation of funds.  

Members of Gunjur Village Development committee failed to show up for the Annual General Meeting slated for Sunday 17 September, 2017. The AGM was summoned by the Alkalo following the expiration of the five year mandate of the VDC and failure to organise a single AGM in five years. Bajiki Darboe lamented: "VDC members came to my house on Saturday with an appeal for me to cancel the AGM .But I insisted that it must hold as scheduled. Their reasons for failing to attend the AGM was that there will be too much argument. A lot of efforts have been made in the past three years to ensure the VDC face the Village and present an activity report which will include all their financial transactions, but to no avail . The VDC insist that their financial report isn't ready". The former businessman turned village head, maintained: "Even recently when we had a meeting with the VDC, they appealed that we should give them three months to finish preparing their financial report. But I insisted that the meeting should go on as scheduled. Something that could not be prepared in three years cannot be prepared in three months. I am shocked and disappointed by the act and the attitude of the VDC. They have let everyone down"  he said. 

The gathering attracted a wide array of village members , including young people , the Council of Elders and the Alkali. Also speaking, former Secretary General Office of the president, Madi Jatta made a push for the selection of an interim committee since the current VDC Executives refused to hold an AGM compounded with the expiration of their mandate. 

Mr Madi Jatta

Mr Jatta further declared: "I think what we should do now is to write four letters which will include a disclaimer against them. The Alkali and the councillors are here, they can take it to the Area Council for them to intervene and make sure the VDC does a proper handing over ceremony". 

The Health sub-committee of the former VDC led by Foday Karl Darboe presented their activity and financial report to the gathering. It is widely believed the the VDC was not able to report on their activities and financial dealings due to suspected financial misappropriation especially at Gunjur beach where in excess of D100,000 is collected monthly as revenue for the VDC.

A meeting of the stakeholders is being held today at the Alkalo's residence to set up an interim committee to steer the affairs of the VDC until a new committee could be put together. The Village Development Commitee is selected from representatives of the eight Kabilos in Gunjur and representatives from Community Based Organisations (CBO's) 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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