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Drama At GSC Congress, As Baffling Financial Report Is Delivered

Delegates at GSC Congress in Gunjur

Photo: Delegates at GSC Congress in Gunjur In what could be described as intense and a heated debate at the last Gunjur Sports Committee annual congress where the annual financial report was virtually rejected by team delegates. "History has it that, 2016/17 is the year Gunjur football generated the largest income since the inception of "nawettan". Many were with the expectation that at least the financial statement will be satisfactory, surprisingly it was the worst financial report ever, " says an observer at the congress who spoke to @Gunjur - The Voice of Dabanani on condition of anonymity. He added that "the GSC came into the 2016/17 season with a Book Balance of fifteen-thousand, two hundred and twenty-seven dalasis (D15,227) and has made up four-hundred and eighteen-thousand, three-hundred and fourty-nine dalasis (D418,349) on nawettan proper. Thirty-seven thousand (D37,000) on intermediate tournament and three-hundred and sixty-two, two-hundred and fourty nine dalasis(D362,249) from zonals which makes a total income of a staggering eight-hundred and seventeen-thousand, five-hundred and ninety-eight dalasis (D817,598)." However, according the GSC's financial report, only (D14,817) fourteen-thousand, eight-hundred and seventeen is left in the coffers after the expenses, which indicates a deficit of four-hundred and ten dalasis (410). In light of the presented financial report, observers and delegates at the congress deeply expressed their frustrations and disappointment on how GSC spent the income generated during the period under review. Some of the delegates even went to an extent of accusing the committee of corruption and embezzlement. @Gunjur - The Voice of Dabanani understand that the financial report that was presented at the congress has not been authenticated, neither audited or approved as GSC's Auditor General position has been vacant since the resignation of their auditor. The delegates bitterly condemned the financial report and described it as unacceptable, thereby calling for a new audited and authentic financial statement. Lamin Sarr, former Gambia national footballer who was in attendance as an independent observer appealed to team delegates to allow the Executives to serve their final year in office, while condemning the financial report of GSC in its totality. He called on teams to set up an oversight body to monitor the sport committee especially on their financial dealings. Also speaking at the congress was Hatab Jobe of Reliance F.C who queried that the financial statement should have been given to them (team's) at least one month prior to the congress rather than three days. He called on GSC to tell them about their plans in next congress so they can also have time to carefully look at the financial report and discuss it within their teams before coming to the congress. Dembo Karl Touray of Bax F.C and former Gunjur Zonal Coach, criticised GSC for giving them two different financial statements, one before and another at the venue of the congress. "You cannot give us two statements and tell us the first one is incorrect and you expect us to analyze the one you just gave us, that is impossible. We need an authentic and audited statement, he demanded. GSC were further accused of selective justice as some teams were freed from their suspensions while maintaining it on other teams and some of these teams have threatened to invade the pitch when the nawettan starts. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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