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Young Zainab Janneh raises over £1K for Kombo Sillah Association

Zainab Janneh, 11 has raised a mouth watering £1000 plus for the UK based registered charitable organisation, Kombo Sillah Association through her writing - “My life as one big adventure, a biography”.

Zainab warmed hearts when she wrote about her life and that of her family in Leeds, UK which was published by GunjurOnline on 10th May 2020. Zainab is the daughter of Yorkshire based Gambian migrants Ebrima Janneh and Kaddy Jabang. The eleven year old dedicated her writing to raise funds for Kombo Sillah Association to assist vulnerable members of the association negatively impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. This medium can report that Zainab has realised her goal and have raised in excess of £1000 for the Association much to her delight. In a second piece written by Zainab - “Different Ramadan, Different Eid, A reflection by Zainab Janneh”, she said of the fundraising success: “ Since Ramadan is also about helping the less fortunate, I am so pleased I raised over £1000 for Kombah Sillah Association through the generosity of family and friends. It made me happy to know that I was helping people during this hard time. ”

Paying tribute to her uncles and aunties who have motivated and supported her since the publication of her “biography“, Zainab continues:

”Since I wrote my biography, I have had so many messages saying” well done” or “I am so proud of you” which has made me proud. I have had so much motivation (especially from my mum). At, first when I wrote the biography, I thought I was doing it just for an iPad, and then my mum told me to publish it on GunjurOnline, This helped with the charity fund raising (which has risen over £1000) and I thought “hhhhmmmm”. The next thing I knew I was bombarded with text messages and calls from Aunties and Uncles. I felt so proud and special. One message was from my Uncle Amadou Scattred-Janneh in Gambia. He gave me a lot of motivation and so did my Auntie Yama and Uncle Lamin Jammeh. Another one was funny from my Uncle Kal who teased me that if I had put him as my favourite Uncle, he would have donated the full £1000. I understand my Auntie Aisha Cham couldn’t stop crying after reading the story, and so were many more aunties. I understand why, it most do with the section about my dad. I am grateful to everyone who has donated.”

Kombo Sillah Association, promotes education and relieving poverty, through cultural education targeted at the objective of advancing and cementing social cohesion and community integration.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™