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Young Dabanani FC and Gunjur midfielder Pap Faal has died

Pap Faal, a dynamic and gifted midfielder who played football for Young Dabanani FC and Gunjur town team has passed away in Kafuntine, Senegal last week according to a member of Young Dabanani FC.

Pap Faal: The late Dabanani and Gunjur midfield maestro seen here

Born in Senegal, Pap Faal spent many years living and playing football in Gunjur for Young Dabanani at club level and as a member of Gunjur town team representing the sprawling coastal settlement in regional and national football tournaments. Pap, as he was fondly called, was a perfect gentleman, a skilled and entertaining midfield maestro, who was “always willing to serve Gunjur where and whenever called upon” - as described by Pa Mambuna Bojang who played along side Pap Faal representing Gunjur. When the news of the death of Pap Faal reached Gunjurians both at home and abroad, many were nostalgic and have nothing but praises for the gentle Pap Faal, from former players, fans and sports administrators in Gunjur.

Muhammed Lamin Touray, commonly known as Boy Njie who is a personal friend of late Pap Faal and named one of his sons after him, appealed for prayers for his friend and thanked everyone for their kind words and condolences to the family of Pap Faal.

Recalling the brilliant Pap Faal, Kentucky, USA based YSB/Sibindinto FC midfield maestro Pa Mambuna Bojang said of Pap Faal when asked for his reaction on the news of the passing of Pap. His words: “A charming, witty, skillful, self-motivated and methodical footballer in the heart of the pitch, Pap Faal left indelible marks in the hearts of teammates, opponents and spectators. Each and every single game was a championship in the mind of Pap. Among many, my most memorable recollection of the clean midfield maestro was his goal in our 2 – 1 victory against a formidable Jambang-Jelly side in the 1987 Kombo South District final played at the then Gunjur Secondary School football pitch. I pray that Allah, The Merciful, forgives Pap’s moral shortcoming and place him in Jannah-tul Firdausi – Aameen.“ Paying tribute to late Pap Faal, Ward Councillor for Gunjur, Hon. Momodou Charreh Gibba, another fine and formidable midfield player during his playing days for Gibba’s FC who played numerous games against Pap Faal and his Young Dabanani had this to say: “Pap Faal was a brilliant and very cunning mieldfield maestro. Like him or not, he was among the best midfielders at the time. He was clever, agile and very technical, and you would never see anger in his face no matter how tough the match was. He was indeed a very friendly and loving guy who always enjoys showing skills and styles to amuse fans. I played against his team many times but truly he was unstoppable. A very charming and always a happy guy as far as football is concerned. I pray to Allah _ that the Almighty have mercy on his soul and all the departed souls. May Allah Grant him jannah.“ Gunjurians in the diaspora have now kicked off a charity fund drive to raise some funds for the family of Pap Faal as a token of the appreciation of his contribution to Gunjur football. He was not just a fine footballer, he was very much part of the fabric of the community. He is survived by a wife and children.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the fund drive can contact the following:

Late Pap Faal Charity Fundraising USA: Faburama Darboe  UK: Babucar Manjang / Malang Darboe Gambia: Assan Jassey


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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