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Women empowerment and leadership training ends in Gunjur

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Training on women empowerment and Executive Leadership ends in Gunjur on Sunday, 24th April 2019.

A two day training on women empowerment and leadership has ended at the Tarud offices in Gunjur on Sunday, 14th April 2019. The training which was organised and funded by ANJOFA of Netherlands was facilitated and coordinated by Fama Barry and Gunjur Development Association (GDA) as the beneficiary. The training was attended by GDA executive members on the ground as well as participants drawn from other Community Based Organisations (CBO) across the community.

Reacting to the success of the training, Hatab Jobe who is the ground president of the Gunjur Development Association (GDA) had this to say about the timely intervention of ANJOFA in sponsoring such a vital training to help him and his executive committee members better equipped for the leadership challenges that they may face as CBO leaders.

“We thank each and everyone for creating the right environment for the two days training on management and leadership training for our Executive members and other cbo members.

Special thanks goes to the sponsors( ANJOFA) group Netherlands for providing all that is needed for the training from a to z. It was a very educative program and I can proudly said that today the GDA ground team members can represent the entire community at any level within the country.  This training inspired us more to go out for any challenges that will come our way in a more professional way at the most appropriate time.”

Course participants Essa Sumareh and Baboucarr Camara who are both executive members of the GDA revealed that they have learnt so much from the training and are ready to implement their new skills in furtherance of the aims and objectives of GDA in working towards a developed and prosperous Gunjur.

Pa Lamin Sarr, a senior management lecturer at the University of The Gambia (UTG), Bai Jabang, Director of Trust Agency for Rural Development (TARUD) and Lamin E Fatty delivered the training. Certificates were presented to course participants at the conclusion of the leadership training.

ANJOFA is a charitable organisation based in the Netherlands. The organisation was established in the Gambia in 2002 and now also operates in Guinea Besau and Kenya. “The purpose of organising and funding this training for GDA is to empower women leaders in our CBOs, in particular GDA, to help them better deal with the everyday challenges of running these organisations geared towards community and national development efforts.” revealed Mrs ma Barry, ANJOFA Coordinator in The Gambia. It could be recalled that GDA and ANJOFA have organised a similar training course for 50 young people in and around Gunjur last year in an effort to equip the youths with the requisite skills to contribute meaningfully towards the development of their communities.


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