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USA based Gambian Binta Gassama donates diabetes medication to Gunjur Youths for Health (GYH)

One of the biggest challenges facing diabetes and hypertensive patients in The Gambia is early diagnosis and when they are diagnosed, maintaining regular medications. For the past five years GYH, a community-based organization in Gunjur, Southern Gambia tasked itself to help community members know their blood sugar and pressure levels. After the tests, those found to be elevated are referred to a local health facility for proper diagnosis.

One of the diabetes and hypertension medication donated by Binta Gassama

For patients who have already been diagnosed, their prescriptions are topped with one week worth of medications. Given the high cost of these medications, continuation of these vital interventions is made possible almost entirely by The Gunjur Project and individual donors like Alan Smith, a UK national who took strong interest in the activities of GYH.

Having read the story and activities of the Gunjur Youth for Health on social media, Binta Gassama, a USA based Gambian wasted no time in contacting the GYH coordinator Mr Ahmed Manjang to offer her support. Binta’s contribution is timely and undoubtedly will bring relives to many diabetes patients and save some lives.

Receiving the gifts from Binta Gassama through an intermediary, Mr Ahmed Manjang thanked Binta profusely for the kind gesture and called on wealthy Gambians to extend similar help to GYH and similar organizations to alleviate the burden of diabetes and hypertension in ourscommunities. Mr Manjang also expressed appreciation to Jo-Austin Preece of Gunjur Project and Alan Smith from the UK for their continuous support to GYH.

The GYH coordinator implored members of GYH to continue the good work they started five years ago, as their reward is with Allah.

Details of diabetes medications received from Binta Gassama;

1. Metformin (500MG) 9 packets (336 tablets).

2. Dispersible Aspirin Tablets (75 MG), 4 packets x 28 tablets.

3. Hypodermic insulin needles for pre-filled/reusable pen injectors screw on 3 packets x 100 units.

4. 23 Insulin pens 100 units each/ML solution for injection 3 ML pre-filled pens

5. Fasclix Lancets 0.3 mm/30 Gauge


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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