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UDP’s Kemo Bojang rubbishes Jaliba Kuyateh’s switch to NPP

Amid news of Jaliba Kuyateh’s declaration of loyalty to president Adama Barrow, Bakau councilor and secretary general of UDP National Youth Wing, Kemo Bojang, has sought to cool fears among party faithful while declaring they know where the famous Kora maestro’s true loyalties lie.

UDP National Youth Wing Secretary General, Kemo Bojang

The UDP youth fire brand from long-time opposition strong hold Bakau countered:

“Jaliba’s loyalty bal kumpa laleh deh (will remain a mystery to you). Why do you want to put everyone in categories and boxes? The party he’s with knows where he is and that’s what’s most important”.

For Bob Touray, a UDP staunch booster in Finland, the development is embedded with sinister designs. His words:

“The hypocrisy is for them to open a gate to insult our Maestro and Icon of Manding. There is a purpose, attached to the question. Let's wake up and stand for our what we are”.

Barrow traces his political origins to the United Democratic Party whose support and backing propelled him to the presidency as part of a coalition in 2016. Barrow has since broken away from the party amid acrimony with his former vice president and political god father Ousainou Darboe, whom he sensationally fired amid plans to contest under National People’s Party ticket which he formed a few months ago.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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