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Tribute to my uncle, Alagi Bambaba Babucarr Touray

Tribute to my uncle : Alagi Bambaba Babucarr Touray :

Thursday 28/05/20

Today as my uncle sits in the arms of angel my family mourns his death. It’s all right though as each of us has the lord beside us as we say our farewells. His body is gone from this world, but as I pay a tribute to my uncle through my own words.

My life as an adult has taken me away from the closeness, I once shared with my entire family. Though I’ve allowed some events of my life to push people away, I never once allowed thoughts of the closeness we once shared to leave my heart.

The impact each of them had on me as a child has always and will always remain. I may have been quiet as a child but always observant and very impressionable.

Memories of my uncle are of a quiet, loving and hard working man who touched the lives of many people. I was in awe of him for many reasons. First of all he was the only person on my mother’s side of the family who never seemed to allow emotions to overwhelm him. I am certain there were times he was sad, angry and frustrated but as I saw it he always found a way to manage those emotions without affecting those he lives and cares about. He was the most laid back, composed individual I had been exposed to as a child. Today I struggle at times to express myself in a positive manner and some times I even fail. I work constantly towards managing my emotions and maintaining my composure and I use my uncle as a role model to do that.

My second memory of my uncle that has motivated me is a quality that he shares with my grandfather. Both were very hard working people who taught me the importance of doing a good job, doing a quality job and being proud of what you accomplished and then finding more work.

My uncle went through formal education in the Gambia at Gunjur secondary school, upon completion of his secondary education, he continued his quest for knowledge, where he went through Madrassa and scholarly education. He did this to provide for his family. The money he made didn't provide enough for them to live in a mansion, drive a Range Rober. Or eat lobster for dinner but more importantly what it provided was enough to produce an atmosphere of love within their home. There wasn't a time I entered their house when I didn't feel surrounded by the love, he and his family expressed towards me. I never forget that feeling and in fact as I go into my adult life hoping that some day I have a family like his, and live in the same atmosphere of love. He set the standard high and though I have found a way to accomplish a number of things. I have never matched what he accomplished in his life time. As my uncle was hospitalised, I gasped, starting to think of all sorts, but one thing though, I was never thinking that this is the sickness that will end his life, I was always optimistic, and speaking to him was really reassuring to me, as he is a firm believer of God, even though he was seriously ill, that did not make him loose faith, his demeanour, has elevated me, as he is always in high spirit. He left a mark in this world and that mark he left will go down from generations to generations.

My uncle’s legacy through out his entire life, has thought me many lessons that have allowed me to comprehend life in a different way. However, the journey only made me more of a dreamer. I refuse to believe that the impossible cannot be overcome and I convey that message to those that surrounds me. He is married and blessed with beautiful boy and girls. My uncle as I finish writing this tribute, my heart is still very heavy, but I believe you are in a better place, I pray to Allah to have mercy for you and place you highest in Janna-tul fildawsi ameen .


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