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Tribute to Major Lamin Chobba Jammeh by Malang Gibba

As tributes rained down for your life and services, it is hard for me to accept the reality of your death.

Since your ill-health eventually gave way to the news of your death, people spoke of your kindness, personal commitment to the country, extraordinary sense of duty, and heart-warming smiles. A good man who has left a lasting impression on everyone who came in contact with you.

Late Major Lamin Chobba Jammeh

These attributes are incontestable facts, but your early egress is an irreparable loss to me and our true friend, Folonko Jabang.

We were like brothers with an indescribable bonding. Friendships like Folonko Jabang's, that created a real relationship that defies trials and tribulations.

We grew up together, and he was instrumental to our friendship. He was there when you needed him most, as a true friend. I will say, from the beginning to the very end.

He is an embodiment of a true friend. He stayed true to that very spirit of friendship by being there at your side throughout your sickness until your death. Folonko Jabang is the kind of friend that we should all hope and pray for.

I remember how we’d laugh at the same odd things when we were younger. You would remember our childhood football club Pan-Africa and our ghetto - "Channel7 Four" at Folonko Jabang's.

You used to delight football fans in Gunjur "Nawettan" with your speed, energy, determination, and humour. You were everyone's darling, warm, and loving person.

We were an umbrella of friends, but you were the best friend to spend time with. You joined me at the Gambia National Army. We visited each other in different places but the best times were over conversations about life and spending time with our friends.

How we hope you were able to beat this evil sickness and be here with us to appreciate and celebrate true friendships. Friendships that stay put when the going gets tough. We will miss you terribly, my dear friend.

However, I am deeply thankful for the times we had together and our friendship. You will be remembered, and your memory will live forever.

Your death, I admit, came much too soon. I take this opportunity to express my deep condolences to your family but especially to your ageing mother. I wish her courage and resilience in the face of this difficult, irreparable loss.

Many God - The Omniscient and The Omnipotent - forgive your earthly shortcomings and grant you the best of Jannahs.

May smiling angels line up to escort you to the best of Jannahs. May God reward your earthly kindness and services to humanity with a blissful home in Jannah.

Rest in peace, my beloved friend. I am in a flood of tears as I write this tribute, for your death diminishes us because we were one and true friends.

Saibeh Malang Gibba


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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