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ST vows to drop ‘best album’ on Sisters Show

Gambia’s top Afro-Manding rapper, ST, has made a vow to release his best musical work yet, as the launch of his latest albums edges ever closer.

ST Da Gambian Dream

The Brikama-born musician made the revelation during an appearance on The Sisters Show. He disclosed:

“I do music for the people. I represent the community in my music. Usually when I do a song they are done for everybody else to actually capture. But sometimes I go off the lane and do something for a specific age group or something. I don’t like my album to sound the same. I wanna do. If you listened to the first song I released Jato and Kokoliko they are completely opposite.

Even the videos they are like completely different. This is actually supposed to be my best album. I’m so much inspired. I got too much fire on me. I want this album to be completely different and it’s working out completely just as planned. I’m supposed to be advancing everyday. Just watch out for the album”.

ST Da Gambian Dream is set to launch another Album in February 2021

Avid ST fan and host on the Sisters show, Amy Ceesay, offered her take on the Kokoliko song which she admits has left her in awe.

“The song has a powerful message. It could still be a hit club song. But there is still a message behind the song that really just stood out”, Texas based Amy added.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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