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ST Da Gambian Dream Launches DINDING MANSA Album

Entertainment: ST Da Gambian Dream Launches DINDING MANSA Album The award-winning Gambian Afro-Manding superstar ST Da Gambian Dream has launched his much anticipated album, Dindng Mansa at the independence Stadium in Bakau on Saturday, 6th February.

ST Da Brikama Boyo dressed as a King as he launches his lates album - Dinding Mansa

The unprecedented event saw thousands of ST Fans and music lovers witnessed performance of a selection of the songs from the Album by the King of Gambian Music. Among the songs of the album performed at the album launch include the hit song “My People“ collaborated with Senegalese legendary, World-renowned musician Baba Maal. “My People is a classic social and political advocacy song that addresses the ills of society. It paints a vivid picture of how the political and social class such as politicians, activists, NGOs, among others, use the people as cannon fodder to rise to the pinnacle of power and money, only to betray them later.”, ST tells his thousands of fans in a press statement issued on the eve of the launching of the Dinding Mansa Album.

The Dinding Mansa launch saw performances from supporting acts from Danny Boy, Brikama based artists Sammy D, Rudy G, Big Banga, Prince Lion, Big Lie from Manjai Kunda, Laminator from Germany. Also, among the famous Gambian artist at the Dinding Mansa was ENC, Big Fa, Nobles, Hussain Dada, Jizzle, who also performed on stage.

The Brikama Boyo finally took to the stage about 3am performing songs from previous and new albums - Aling domo, Dinding Mansa, Kano, Baba la lettero among others.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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