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Sidia Jatta: Barrow fires people like dogs

National Assembly member and senior PDOIS party apparatchik, Sidia Jatta, has explained why his party has refused to take up positions in Barrow’s cabinet, while lamenting his penchant for firing people ‘like dogs’.

President Barrow is accused of betraying the principles of the coalition agreement that put him in power

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Fatu Network over the weekend, he said:

“Barrow wouldn’t be who he is without the coalition. It’s like building a house together with someone and they make it theirs, leaving you with no say. It’s something everyone worked for and if someone is making it like their personal property leaving you with no power then you cannot make any impact.

Everyone worked together to build the coalition, but Barrow has the power to do whatever he wants. If he wants he can fire you like a dog and you cannot do anything about it. We didn’t want to put ourselves in a position like that. We were working for the country and if the conditions didn’t exist for us to do that then what’s the point”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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