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Sibindinto FC clocks forty as it seeks to inspire younger generation

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Sibindinto Football Club of Gunjur on Saturday, 27th April celebrate forty years of existence at an event which the club hopes will help inspire the younger generation of footballers in and around Gunjur. Sibindinto FC, which started as Young Soccer Brothers, fondly called YSB was arguably one of the most successful and talented Football Club in Gunjur.

Young Soccer Brothers (YSB) later renamed Sibindinto FC dominated football in Gunjur winning ten straight honours in ten years

The historic event was an all day affair full of activities at the residence of Modou Ndaxin, one of the club‘s formidable defensive players. Members of the club, wives, children, managers, fans and friends were all in attendance. The newly elected president, Sulayman Sambou delivered a report on the many success stories Sebindinto FC achieved both on and off the football pitch. As part of the activities, a special tribute was also paid to the Founding Father of the club, late Doctor Bolong Touray (N’touray).

The humble beginnings  According to the secretary of the club Lamin Bajo, the group initially started as 'Bojang Kunda dindingho lu' in its early history, primarily to foster unity amongst the kids. Soon after, other kids from Sukuta and other places joined the group as they start playing rudimentary soccer at the Arabic school. The football, recalled Mr Bajo “was attractive as more kids started joining, and a club was eventually created, naming it Young Soccer Brothers (YSB). What followed became a rich and glorious history that we celebrated today in grand style.”  Young Soccer Brothers (YSB) later renamed Sibindinto FC was to become the most successful football club ever in the history of Gunjur. Blessed with gifted footballers like Buba Bada Bojang, Pa Mambuna Bojang, Modou Ndaxin, Abdourahman Bojang, Abdou Sarr Janneh, Gazimou Nying, Lamin Sarr, Sulay Sambou to name just a few of this incredibly talented group of players, YSB/Sibindinto dominated Gunjur football for a decade.

Buba Bada Bojang (L) seen here with Pa Mambuna Bojang (R) both founding members of the club and key figures in the success enjoyed by YSB/Sibindinto FC

The successes

On and off the pitch, the club won honours which include the numerous impressive progressions the club members made to high school, "which was a daring adventure at the time; high achievement in high places, in different facets: academic, professional, entrepreneurship etc. On the pitch, the club won ten trophies in ten consecutive years." No other team have ever done that in the history of club football in Gunjur. As a result, YSB/Sibindinto FC produced two National players and earned three University degrees in the USA through football scholarships. When asked by Gunjur Online as to what was the secret that made the club stick together so long and to go be so successful, the club secretary offered these:  “What kept the club knitted together is true stainless brotherhood. In Sebendinto, everybody was a role model to someone and that really helped. But within this solid relationship was a central figure with an exceptional leadership quality, a man who accommodated everybody, the man behind it all, Doctor Bolong Touray  of blessed memory.”

On a Facebook post announcing the Saturday event, Pa Mambuna Bojang, the talismanic midfield genius for Sibindinto FC had this to say on the success of the club both on and off the pitch. His words:

“While we competed fiercely and fearlessly on the football pitch over the years, EDUCATION was always our primary focus as a group at a very early age. We pushed and supported one another as family to make sure no one was left behind. We will share the comprehensive report of our unique and closely knitted group over the past four decades to hopefully, inspire the younger generation after its official delivery by Saul Sambou at tomorrow’s historic event. I am forever indebted to my Sibindinto family for shaping my life especially, in our formative years. To Buba Bada, Sulay Sambou, Abdou Sarr, Nicks, Ndaxin, Sidia, GaZimu, Abdou Rahman, Sarjo Badjie, Comodos, Pap Jatta, Chalton, Lamin Sarr, Cap, Bahama, Solo Daffeh, Bambo, Atto, Osu Fofana, Morro, Omar Saho, and all, I could not ask for better team-mates. Ala Baraka Sibindinto N’kolu!!!”

Sibindinto FC members, wives, fans, managers, and children at the forty year celebration in Gunjur on Saturday, 27th April

Speaking to GunjurNewsOnline, Pa Mambuna Bojang who won a football scholarship to study in the USA offered these when asked about his reaction to the club clocking forty years and the success it registered over the years both on and off the pitch. “The unwavering sense of brotherhood even after 40 solid years of existence is quite remarkable and awe-inspiring. In her formative years, YSB unknowingly, I must emphasize "unknowingly" here, adopted what we later learned to be along the lines of the Chinese proverb that "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach the man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". We pushed, supported and opened opportunities for one another in the worlds of Academia and Football. Today, we have produced certification holders in plumbing, electrical wiring, entrepreneurship, teaching and nursing. We have produced several Associate, Bachelors, Masters and a PhD degree. We have also produced two National team players. Our "I got your back" mentality was there since childhood. I fully remember in 1988/89 when Buba Bada, then one of the best left wingers in Western Division, was invited to Divisional Camp in Brikama. Without hesitation, I advised him to turn it down since he was preparing for his O'level examination at the same time. Turn it down, he did! “

On his advice to the younger generation looking to follow in his success both on an off the pitch, Pa Mambuna was unequivocal about what it takes to succeed. He wrote: “ To the younger generation, determination, perseverance and discipline at all times will be the key to success. You must never forget where you come from. You must always give back to the community that shaped and nurtured all of us.”

Mambuna concluded by recognising the support him and his team received from key people in Gunjur that made Sibindinto FC the must successful football club in Gunjur. His words: “Special thanks to all our managers - Alh Nfansu Touray, Buba Nyakasi Touray, Fayu Jabang, coach Malangding Touray, Kakai Camara, Tamsir Njie, Lamin Cham (Dam Crazy) and so many others. Special appreciation to the late Doctor Bolong Touray and his family, the entire Bojang Kunda family and Young Dabanani for putting up with us over the years.”

YSB / Sibindinto FC will remain in the annals of football history of Gunjur Dabanani and without doubt, inspire the younger generation of players who must work hard on and off the field if they are to follow in the footsteps of these Sibindinto players.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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