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Sadou Sowe of Jarra Soma searches for his missing brother, Ngai Sowe

Search for a missing brother | Yero S. Bah

A senior brother in the person of Sadou Sowe of Jarra Soma, Lower River Region (LRR) is frantically searching for his junior brother, Ngai Sowe who left for Europe in 1994 when he acquired his travel visa in Dakar, Senegal.

Ngai Sowe’s first stopover in Europe was London, UK but later moved to Switzerland. He was crisscrossing from one country to another in Europe with a different name called Ganda Sowe as he tries to escape the Swiss authorities at some point to Germany after few years in Switzerland.

Missing Ngai Sowe, also known as Ganda Sowe has been missing for over two decades

Ngai was heard or spotted in various European nations such as France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and UK by Gambian friends and colleagues and it was reported to his senior brother Sadou Sowe in Soma. The missing brother only returned to the Gambia once since his departure in 1994. He was married to a woman called Isatou Taal (late) in Sibanor village, Foni Kansala, West Coast Region during that first trip to the Gambia.

The missing Ngai Sowe has lost both parents, but he never visited or called about the deaths of his father and mother according to the searching and worried senior brother Sadou Sowe. The mother was Juldeh Mballow whilst the father was Samba Sowe both from Soma town in Lower River Region.

The missing Ngai Sowe left a son at the age of seven (7) years; today that boy is a married man with kids in Soma. However, the senior bother Sadou believes that Ngai is alive and is just trying to hide from his family in the Gambia, admitting that Ngai Sowe used to tell them that anytime he leaves for Europe it means he has gone home and no one will ever hear from him.

Sadou Sowe, elder brother of missing Ngai Sowe who also goes by the name Ganda Sowe

Besides, the senior brother Sadou Sowe is just interested to communicate with him to settle certain family matters before they become late too as their family continues to grow back home, and there are land and other family issues that they need to settle.

Late Juldeh Mballow, mother of Ngai Sowe, also known as Ganda Sowe

On the pictures above, are missing Ngai Sowe, Searching brother Sadou Sowe and their late mother Juldeh Mballow.

Therefore, Sadou Sowe is calling on his missing brother Ngai Sowe who changed his name to Ganda Sowe in Europe to please reach out to him on the following numbers: +2207775441/+2206767027/+2205293963/+2202232328 respectively.

“I am also appealing to anyone who knows the whereabouts of this missing brother to help me connect to him“, said Sadou Sowe.


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