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Redefining education through Volunteering

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

As clearly stated in their slogan - Gunjur Alumni Association started a venture called the *end of term inter-classes quiz competition*.

Aside from ventures like the organisation of Study classes and seminars, among others, GAA hope to ensure effective academic competition amongst students.

The three day quiz competition started on the 9th April amongst classes in the targeted grade eight category. Grades 8 Touray and 8 Jatta made it to the final which took place at Gunjur Upper and Senior Secondary School on the 11th April, 2019.

The event was so colourful and lively as members of the floor were effectively engaged in the competition through motivational awards.

Ebrima N. Manjang, the Vice President of the association gave the opening remarks and motivated the students to take up the education so seriously. Lamin Bada Bojang the Secretary and also the supervisor of the venture thanked members of GAA who were in the background and could not attend the program. He further stated that the two finalist will be awarded with cash prizes which at least the class can use for refreshment in jubilation of their victory. According to Lamin Bada Bojang, the grade 8's are selected because they're the middle class whom GAA thought can benefit greatly from the venture.

The venture as highlighted in the action plan is specifically meant to improve the performance of the students and specifically to see the outstanding students scoring aggregate six. And this is why we are selecting our questions from the past examination question papers. Students should ponder over them and get acquainted with these questions.

The second Vice Principal of the school, Mr Dem gave the Vote of Thanks on behalf of the school administration and students. Mr Dem hailed the members of GAA for their continuous support and work for and with the school. We are really very proud of you and hope that you keep this up, Mr Dem said.The event ended with the crowning of Grade 8 Touray as winners.

Students left in great anticipation of the next inter-class quiz competition which according to GAA will be based on range of past papers from 2012 to 2015. The members of the audience who answered the questions were given their compensation and the two finalists shall be awarded the first day of school next term.

To find out more about GAA visit their website below:


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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