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Prof. Saine lambasts UTG over poor management of Human Resources

Gambia News: Prof. Saine lambasts UTG over poor management of Human Resources

Gambian professor, Dr. Abdoulie Saine, has roasted the country's only university for incompetent management of trained professionals willing to serve the country.

Prof. Abdoulie Saine is not impressed with the UTG Huiman Resources management

Speaking yesterday on the "For The People By The People" show, the renown professor who taught in previous universities in the United States recounted:

“For the last three years there’s been talk about recruiting Dr. Saine to come head the university and so forth and so on. There’s been a lot of talk. Nothing fundamental has emerged from that. But let me share with you an experience I had with UTG. While I was there, this time for 8 months, I expressed to them my desire to teach and they didn’t contact me for anything. A position opened up a position that is for director of research, evaluation and innovation .And I applied for the position and when I went in after they had me stay outside for two and a half hours, no water, no place to sit, not even a drink, I went in. I came in and my interview didn’t last ten minutes after waiting for two and a half hours”.

So poor was the treatment of candidates wishing to serve their country, Dr. Saine added, he didn’t have a choice but to offer constructive criticism in affable fashion.

His determined effort to see an improvement in the attitude of university has not been productive of much good.

He added: “Two weeks ago, I received an email from the registrar saying that they have decided to offer the job to somebody else. I thanked him for the indulgence and wished the guy who was selected the best of luck. But even those guys who were interviewed with me were like Professor Saine you should get this job”.


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