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By Musa Jallow:

I am never one to write anything about politics in The Gambia or to be remotely involved in trading words about politics and journalism in our dear motherland, The Gambia. However, a recent negative and very unpatriotic article by Lamin Njie of The FATU Network gave me no option but to put pen on paper to convey my displeasure at this blatant blackmail, with negative and sensational journalism from a network that pretends to be serving Gambians.

Lamin Njie of Fatu Network under criticism for and article he authored about KMC Mayor's visit to Madison WI

It is absolutely ridiculous and absurd for THE FATU NETWORK to write such a headline about the mayor's visit to Madison, Wisconsin. A visit, which is aimed at raising funds to build a world-class library and uplift our people back home in The Gambia. Why am I still shocked and surprised at his persistent pull him down syndrome in The Gambia? The bible said it all too well in Matthew chapter 7, verse 16 to 17: “by their fruit, you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.”

While a group of Gambians in Madison are busy spearheading a major effort to build a well deserved world class library in Kanifing, tabloid journalists like Lamin Njie are busy sabotaging our efforts. Everyone knows that even our prime hospital does not have regular supply of electricity much less every residence; hence your point is very mute.

In addition, this is a community project where Gambians and none Gambians alike can donate to it. It is important to make it very clear that no one is begging. I also read the editor’s note on journalism; I challenge the editorial author to reach out to the right people who can speak about the project particularly the Madison-Kanifing sister city committee instead of yanking a local newspaper article and manipulating it. If that is difficult, reach out to the Kanifing mayor’s office.

Musa Jallow with Councillor Binta Janneh of Bakau Newtown Ward, Mayor Bensuda and Mrs Songolo of the library project committee at a Press Conference in Madison WI

The stories of Gambian students struggling to access libraries are true stories and they directly shared them to the mayor and us and if anything the Mayor was only reiterating those stories. I wish the likes of Lamin Njie had seen the good news in this instead of giving it a negative spin and headline he accorded it.

I, as a member of the Madison-Kanifing sister city here in Madison WI, I am ready and willing to support our country. While many Gambians are focused on partisan politics, I am focused on working with all sectors and national leaders to help move The Gambia forward. With the fundraising efforts here, the Sister City organization have been able to send a container of medical equipment including hospital beds, baby cribs etc. We were also able to send a thousand trashcans to help alleviate the problem of wanton littering in our communities.

Lamin Njie with Fatu Network CEO Fatou Camara

To THE FATU NETWORK, Please stop the lazy and tabloid journalism of copying and pasting stories when you can simply contact any of us that are involved in this project to get your facts right.

Musa Jallow, Alias Nas

Madison-Kanifing Sister City Board Member

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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