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Opinion | The Audacity of Sodom and Gomorrah Precept

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Opinion: The Audacity of Sodom and Gomorrah Precept

I want people to understand the philosophy of radical neo-liberals, atheist, agnostics and clueless self-proclaimed human rights thinkers. Understanding their psyche will help comprehend where they are coming from and realise they habe a different set of values which are base on materialistic precepts. They think life is all about material agrandizement and physical gratification.

That is why it is abomination and cursed of Allah the creator and hence Devine retribution that descended on the city of Sodom and Gommorah. The city that started this alien behaviour and bequeath its name to the horrendous act. We believe in God and take the injunctions of God seriously.

From religious scriptures, God was so incensed by this life threatening behaviour that He sent two angel to destroy not only the act of homosexuality but the city that initiated it.

They passed by prophet Ibrahim, one of the chief prophets to announce to him the blessing of a son. A reward for his patience and forbearance but a more important quest to procreate and bequeath his spirituality to the next generation.

Ibrahim also got the news that the angels are proceeding to destroy this evil perpetrators of the evil act of homosexuality and he pleaded with the Angel's to spare them but God will not have it. He bluntly told ibrahim not to be an advocate and intercessor for an nation of inequity and abomination.

Let's pose here for a moment, why God was blunt to Ibrahim His best friend and patron prophet. This simply because God created human beings for His worship and decreed that the first creation Adam and Eve, humanity will increase by procreation. The people of sodom and gomorrah millitated against this natural order and plan of God seeking to subvert it, so He made a example of them and a sign to those who will come after them.

On the secular precincts, brethren know that abhorrence and rejection of sodom gomorrah in the Gambia, has nothing to do with Saudi or Rome, its value system of humanity which proliferate on procreation through the intersection of man and woman not a Steve and Joe.

Their arguement of bigotry and ignorance is at best hollow and illogical because it's based on the precept that Gambians are intolerant and had persecuted homos which also double as a dishonest insinuation.

What we stood firm against is, putting this noxious diction into our laws and giving big prominence in vexating challenge to our cultural norms.

Democracy and civil right protection is not about protecting minority interest and whims alone but protecting the interest, sensitivities and values of the majority.

Overt vexation and provocation of majority can create an unfavourable environment for the minority.

While we empathise with some basic rights of minority and those with fetish sexual inclinations, we cannot loose sight of our religious values and obligations to stand for what is pure, proper, progressive and for common good. If we deny our religious duty in the protection of minority whims and agrandizement, we cannot blame anyone for consequent Devine retribution.

No one is advocating lynching of sodom gomorrah and kinks in the Gambia, rather it's our financial benefactors who want to use aid as weapon to subdue us to accepting an alien concepts inimical to our religion.

The weaponisation of sodom and gomorrah precepts and ethos spell a malignant consequence for human kind in that it is primed to subvert the natural order of things. Its is akin to a weapon of mass destruction aimed at diminishing human proliferation by procreation.

If the World has embrace the practice of sodom gomorrah few centuries ago, many of its advocates would not have been born today to proseltize it.

What confounds me is the audacity and condescending irony of their claims. Audacious for the fact that they want to impose it on the world and proclaim a noxious idea that anyone who opposed their project is an ignorant bigot, what a distortion of facts

Audacious for the fact that they have the foolhardiness and somewhat callousness to link aid to tolerance to homosexual behaviour. They use political power and financial clout in western countries to dehumanise and demonize those who oppose their concepts of life and human procreation.

They don't care about human suffering, the denial of aid may cause, the lost of life and social cost to nations, of the proliferation of homosexuality in those cultures, religions and other value systems.

I have this question for homo thumpers and gospellers, Why don't you guys protest to Europe to allow polygamy. Its against their values and we respect them for it, sodom gomorrah is against our values so you must respect us for that.

Let any sodom gomorrah come forward and give testimony where in Gambia his or her rights has been violated because of his or her sexuality.

Please respect our values and traditions and desist from creating a hostile environment for all in the Gambia. We have more pressing issues to attend to than waste time and resources mourning out sexuality.

Lamin Darboe, Leicester, United Kingdom

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