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Opinion: One sided justice: another trait of the Barrow led administration

Someone needs to tell president Adama Barrow that this our country, The Gambia, does not belong to him or his family. The Gambia belongs to all of us collectively as Gambians. Hence the country is not called 'Barrow' and the citizens 'Barrowans'. This man is slowly but surely manifesting his true colours: he is a budding dictator.

Of recent, we have heard and/or seen the tonnes of illegal drugs that entered our country. Diplomat caught in possession of drugs, container full of dangerous and illegal guns and government kept mute on all these important and burning issues. If all those drugs, illegal and dangerous guns could enter the country without any investigations on them, why should a decent man whose source of income is an open secret be targeted because he belongs to a rival political party.

We are witnessing under the Barrow regime everything that happened under the previous Jammeh regime. Those who follow Gunjuronline, could certainly recall in one of previous pieces where I made a comparison of presidents Adama Barrow and Yahya Jammeh as 6 and 9, and I still hold onto that opinion. Jammeh made many flee the country with their business and this is exactly what Barrow is trying to do to a philanthropist and business tycoon, Alhagie Conteh, the proprietor and managing director of 'Dabanani' electrical company. We must not forget too soon his contributions in the coalition 2016 of which president Adama Barrow is a principal beneficiary. Do not bite the fingers that feed you for you may die of hunger. African political leaders are the architects of their own lives after presidency. Why are we surprised that most of them would flee their countries once their administrations are brought down. A bright example under under our nurses is the former president Yahya Jammeh himself who would not dare set foot on Gambian soil, or at least not anytime soon.

It is time we take our country out of the clutches of a clueless Bus driver and his gang of hungry economic hustlers whose only interests are their pockets and immediate families while the masses continue to suffer daily.

Mr Buba Ceesay

Gunjur Village

Kombo South.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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