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Opinion | Gambia needs mindset change more than political change

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We Gambians often fight against and frustrate our own people. Instead of being facilitators, we are ruiners and regressive spectators.

Our religion teaches us some beautiful and sublime qualities that can change the world but we allow our desire for personal glory, personal competition, hatred and jealousy to overcome our pure persona.

It's amazing how simple things can turn to very complicated things when Gambians come together due to clash of egos.

The question, who does he think he is or she is, is most disingenuous, arrogant, pessimistic, cynical statement that magically come out of our lips.

Unity resort to be an illusion where people build their own personal territories and fieldoms for others to glorify them without earning such glory.

Where co-anihilation become an alluring preoccupation, self-exihibition and anger, progress and development is dispelled.

Who does he or she think he is?... is a cynical ploy to protect ego and arrogance.

Bro why should my fellow man's success burn my heart, why should my fellow man's misfortune be my triumph. Its mind-boggling how a genuine and sincere person could build such diabolical psyche. Each and everyone must search his or her soul and clean your heart of such devilish impurities or insinuation that rust your heart.

One who enjoys we the author or agitator of one man's destruction can also be the author of many men's destruction because evil become a source of gratification.

In the same vein, a man who become author of one man's success can become author of many men's success.

It's easy to pretend that one mean well for others but difficult to put good intentions and love into action. We all need to refresh our selves, put the past behind us and create a new craving for self purification and enlightenment.

This means a frank and sincere self evaluation. Does my personal exude positivism or pessimism and how best can I contribute to the advancement of my surrounding, community and my nation?.

I bet your goodness must first reflect in the interactions with your family then extending to your immediate environment. It starts with one small step as the man who conquered Mount Everest started with one simple step.

Make no mistake, constructive engagement, pragmatism are no covid-19 for consensus building yet it must be based on reason and experience.

To give lack of resources as an excuse for mediocracy is as irrelevant as mirage is to a thirsty man. Many had limited resources yet they excel in the most imprssive and fascinating ways.

Zeal, determination, honesty, sense of direction, good leadership, selflessness, patriotism had been the only successful mantra for any nation that seek to the development pedestal.

On the opposite spectrum, laziness, embezzlement, arrogance, pessimism, poor leadership, lack of vision, inefficiency, waste of resources, poor priritization, poor governance are the poison pills that had always stagnate nations.

We got to change for the sake of advancement and eradication of poverty and underdevelopment. If not, we shall wallow in poverty and disillusionment for decades to come.

May Allah help us to change our persona to development mindset ameen.

L Darboe


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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